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Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL confirmed for North America (red and blue)

Posted on September 4, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A leaked ad from Walmart confirms that Nintendo will be releasing special 3DS XL systems based on the new Super Smash Bros. games. Consumers will be able to choose between two colors: red and blue, each priced at $200. It’s looking like these systems will be available on September 19.

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  • Ahmedroid

    This is ridicules… we’re not getting the New 3DS XL edition I guess, damn you Reggie, please get the hell out of Nintendo!!! #ReggieOut!

    • Exposer


      • TalesOfBS

        I can’t even see the fun of these images anymore. Reggie was become a symbol of NoA’s complete incompetence at dealing with the market and their customers.

    • sonicfan1373

      I honestly think that this is a Nintendo of Japan issue rather than Nintendo of Europe or Nintendo of America issue; the reason I say this is because I highly doubt anyone in NOA or NOE would have wanted to hold back releasing this for the holidays. NOJ either kept the project so secret that their subsidiaries only just found out about it and would not have enough time to market and put out enough systems (any system going on sale for the holidays would have to go into production right now) or the production was constrained which is why they held back the launch in NA and EU.

      • Ahmedroid

        The thing is, he’s the President of Nintendo of America, he’s supposed to have so much influence on the board of the company, whether it was Japan or Europe giving how big of a market he’s supposed to be handling. It is ridicules how much NoE has improved in recent years while NoA been struggling to even get decent Nintendo Club rewards and instead offering Digital ones for lower costs. NoA isn’t like how it was long time ago, it has been worse under Reggie, it’s saddening.

        • sonicfan1373

          If you look at how a lot of global companies based in Japan operate you will see that Reggie most likely has his hands tied. When you look at companies like Sega, Square Enix, Capcom, Bandai Namco, and even Sony you will find an ongoing history of subsidiaries constantly crippled or in battle for more resources from their parent companies in Japan.

          Nintendo of Japan decides how much money the subsidiaries receive, when they will bring out products (and even when they will find out about certain products), what projects they work on, and what projects get localized. In fact, Reggie is COO (chief operating officer) of Nintendo of America ,which means that he is in charge of day-to-day operations, advising NOJ on potential actions to take (it does not mean that they will listen), and distribution of funds through the North American subsidiary (how much of the money allocated from Nintendo of Japan goes to advertising, Retro Studios, third-party financing, etch in North America).

          If you look back even before Reggie, you will see that Nintendo’s consoles always hit Japan first by a couple months or even longer in certain cases and regions and you will also see that certain games were not localized by Nintendo despite there being demand. You must realize that the CEO of Nintendo of America has always come from the Japanese division (at the moment it is Mr. Iwata) and the title of President is pretty much meaningless (which similarly the case in Europe and Japan).

          Aside from day-to-day operations and allocation of pre-set resources, Reggie can only advise NOJ. There was a quote from him from a Gamespot interview surrounding the then Mario 128 project for Gamecube in which he stated that, “I can only show what Mr. Miyamoto gives me to show”. This quote to me shows that Reggie does not have any ability to apply pressure on the development of games and when they are ready.

          Although, I must agree with you in that Reggie has been no where near as proactive in locking down exclusive Western third-party support for the consoles, compared to someone like Howard Lincoln (although again I ask myself how much of that is attributed to Nintendo of Japan’s decision to provide money and fund such projects) and the marketing campaigns for both the 3DS and Wii U were awful (this is all Reggie, or at least it happened under his watch). Things like localizations, Club Nintendo, and the network infrastructure can only go forward depending on the funding provided by NOJ; naturally things like Club Nintendo are the first things to be scaled back with the parent company reduces your funding.

        • Except being President of NoA doesn’t mean anything. You make it sound like they make games there. Ever seen an interview with him? It’s all PR and safe, rehearsed answers.

          Also, seriously, I hated the Marlboro bucks junk they had on Club Nintendo. The only reason I signed up was free games.

  • Vorlik Blade

    If they hadn’t announced the new 3DS I would’ve bought it inmediately.

  • sonicfan1373

    The announcement of the New 3DS in Japan for October 2014 (with other regions having to wait until 2015) I think was a highly miscalculated move on Nintendo of Japan’s part.
    I can honestly see 3DS hardware sales slowing down in North America and Europe because people will hold back purchasing the systems (which could have become huge sellers due to their price compared to other gaming systems out there and also because of this bundle) in favor of the New 3DS coming in 2015. Nintendo would have been better off announcing the New 3DS when the system was ready for simultaneous release in all regions. I hope this does not cause Nintendo to miss their profitability target for this year, but I can see that being a strong case due to slowing sale.

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    They’re bringing the Mario Mart 8 Wii U Bundle back!!!!

  • Madison Twatter.

    soooo if its available on the 19th I’m guessing its not coming with a digital copy of the game?

  • MechZilla

    side note: does the alienware hardware in the ad count as a steambox?

  • Operative

    But if it comes with a digital version of the game how can it be available on the 19th?

  • ronin4life

    Based on the price, it doesn’t seem like it comes with any game.

  • SecretX

    i’m saving up for the new 3ds. this 3ds looks nice but i rather get the new one.
    can’t wait for smash bro though!

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