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Switch version of WWE 2K18 out in the wild, first footage

Posted on November 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

We don’t have to remind you that 2K’s handling of WWE 2K18 on Switch has been incredibly odd. Since the initial announcement awhile back, we’ve barely heard a peep about the game. Other than 2K saying last week that news would be coming soon, that’s all we’ve really seen.

The latest development is a strange one. Apparently WWE 2K18 is already available for purchase on Switch in some European shops despite 2K still not committing to a firm release date. At this point we have no idea what’s going on, but it seems as though the official launch isn’t too far off.

With WWE 2K18 surfacing in stores, footage is beginning to come online. Let’s start off with 15 minutes of gameplay:

It’s worth noting that the footage above comes without the extra 24GB download. Presumably the update isn’t live yet. 2K hasn’t said what will be included there, but we’ll let you know if and when we have patch notes.

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  • Dylan W

    That’s really odd. Maybe this means that the release date will be fairly soon, as in mid-December at the latest.

  • David Walbrun

    Wow that looks absolutely dreadful

    • Dylan W

      Remember, that footage is pre-“day one” patch. It’s a beefy 24 GB update so it will probably look better after that.

      • jimmy


  • ShonenJump

    They released the game in my country a few days ago. Its says on the box it needs a 24gb free storage for the download

  • Jeff Moreira

    After watching the video, it’s clear that the person that has the game couldn’t download the extra contents of the game.
    There are lot of modes not available, no cinematics, characters have no shadow, etc.
    I think this is the same case as the NBA where you could play the very basic without downloading the extras files.
    The game must be out any day now as you can see by the fact that the guy bought from his local store the physical copy of it.

    • nemo37

      I hope that is the case. The lack shadows and some of the missing textures are just jarring (also obviously more game modes, etc would also be great).

      • Jeff Moreira

        I do hope that is the case, as I said, the same thing happened with NBA, you could play the very basic and a lot of things were missing so this looks like to be the same case.

  • Daanieel Guerrero

    Its seems to be a beta or a fake, because the Nintendo Switch version supposedly would not have 8-man Mode.

    • Dylan W

      Oh yeah. Did 2K find a way to make the 8 man mode work on the Switch after all? Is that why it got delayed?

      • Daanieel Guerrero

        I hope so, It would be wonderful πŸ˜€

      • Daanieel Guerrero

        I just see in the Nintendo’s web page of the game, and it says “The most realistic WWE video game experience just became more intense with the addition of eight man matches”, so I think they find a way πŸ˜€

  • amak11

    I mean like the game could look better. But this honestly looks pre-patch

  • nemo37

    If stores already have a copy, they could at least provide a physical release date. I mean the game is already launching later than the other versions and just launching it without (or with little notice) in a busy holiday is not going to do it any favours. Perhaps they are trying to avoid an NBA 2K18 situation where the game was largely broken before the initial patches. Just going by the past sales on this series in the past on the other systems with bigger installbase, I must admit I was not expecting large sales to begin with (particularly since the Switch has a smaller install base and bigger sports franchises are not exactly doing great), but at this point I think this game is going to sell in the tens of thousands which would be abysmal.

  • Roto Prime

    Um…conspiracy time….2K is waiting until after black Friday to release the game because the other console version will be $30 and they want to charge $60 for the Nintendo Switch version……..

    • David Walbrun

      Wow, didn’t think about this, but you are for sure right

    • Leonel

      Very interesting point! They should of just released it since we still have to install 24 gb unless they found way to reduce that

      • Roto Prime

        I think they cheapened out again on game card and put it on a small game card….they got away with it twice now (NBA 2K18 and L.A Norie), so why not make them download more of the game lol…..just a theory anyways

        • Leonel

          Completely agree with you but seeing how you bring the point about the price it makes sense to wait after black Friday for them lol

          I start to think if they were to release gta 5 for switch and go cheap on the cartridge I expect like a 30 gb download or more lol

          • Roto Prime

            LOLOL, the horror!! We might be getting the last gen version of the game, on 360 its around 8 GB so we might get lucky!!

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  • Devlind

    Do people really buy this stuff?

    • David Walbrun

      Honestly I think the same thing, I watch WWE casually, but I haven’t played a wrestling game since Smackdown vs Raw 2006

    • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

      this is super popular, you’d be surprised.

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