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The smaller details of Switch’s new 4.0.0 firmware update

Posted on October 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Switch had its biggest firmware update this past week. Video capture for select games, data transferring, and eShop pre-loading were among the features added.

Once the update dropped, Switch owners began to notice some other additions and changes. For instance, the system now has support for USB wireless headsets.

Other than what Nintendo had in its update notes as well as the USB wireless headset addition, there are a couple of other, small details to report.

First up, did you know that you can change the playback speed in videos? You can have videos go 1.25x, 1.5x, or 2.0x faster. Alternatively, you can slow down videos to .75x. Changing the speed alters the sound pitch, so it can lead to some funny results.

Nintendo also appears to have made improvements to the activity log included in each user’s profile. It’s more accurate, meaning games played between one and five hours will be denoted. In the past, Nintendo’s minimum was set at five hours.

So Nintendo definitely seems to be improving with the Switch. Let’s hope the next major firmware update won’t be too far away in the future.

Thanks to Ninwed and Jes T for the tip.

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  • Froot

    Joycons have been updated too after 4.0

  • ShonenJump

    Seems like there is a big firmware update every 3 months

    • lina inverse

      so every three months Nintendo will ruin a random function of the Switch…
      look I would rather Nintendo do one major update every twice or once a year that bug free then updates every few months with bugs….

      • Reggie

        You’re crazy if you think that anyone can push out a bug-free update.

        • lina inverse

          they call me crazy lina.. (´◑ω◐`)

        • lina inverse

          Microsoft seems to do a good job with xbox one updates…. they are once or twice a year..

          • Reggie

            Lmao. No. I can’t really speak for Xbox since I don’t have it, but Microsoft has released shoddy Windows updates before. No one is perfect, and you’re delusional if you honestly think so.

          • lina inverse

            yeah the windows updates are pretty bad. but I have owned a Xbox One for awhile now and the upgrades are usually like once a year with zero bugs. 😛

          • Reggie

            You can’t say that for certain.

          • lina inverse

            :3 yeah I can

          • Reggie

            Yeah no.

  • Adrian Brown

    I read somewhere that 3rd party USB controllers stoped working after 4.0

  • Robin

    It’s ‘usb’ headset, not ‘USB wireless headset’ since normal USB headsets work too

    • Exy

      My Logitech G430 doesn’t work with it.

      • Robin

        my Sennheiser PC8 USB works (its not good, I just tried for the sake of testing)

        • Bradley

          My very old P12 turtle beach works too

  • Noah

    If they could just add data transfer between micro SD and the Switch’s on-board memory, then I’d be very happy. I’m still happy with the progress made in this update though!

    • bro i hate that dinosaur
      it never has good news

      • Triforce of the Gods

        But the dinosaur game is fun!

    • SpectralDynamite

      That’s the gateway a TON of hacking and exploits. Pretty sure they wanted to avoid that.

      Personally, I’d rather they do cloud saves. Maybe they’ll have those included when Nintendo Switch Online launches for real next year.

      • Noah

        I’m aware that including such a feature would make the Switch more susceptible to hacking. Other systems/devices offer that function though, which leads me to believe there are ways to tighten up security and still provide this convenience to the customer. The Wii U forces external hard drives to be reformatted (and thus cleared of data) before use on the system, which would seem to take care of a lot of lower-level hacking attempts right there. I suppose that cloud saves would still allow me to achieve my end-goal of transferring to a larger micro SD card, but having to pay to achieve such a basic function could be quite annoying for some users.

  • Aline Piroutek

    What? Activity log doens’t exists on Switch yet? I thought only the Vita lacked this function.

    • Ghirahim

      Of course it does.

  • lina inverse

    (ಠ ∩ಠ) why is no one talking about the dam resolution bug in 4.0 _ノ乙(、ン、)_

    Switch docked can no longer keep a resolution of 1080p or 780p…..

    • Bart

      I’ve seen this mentioned before, think it was solved by changing a setting on the tv, auto resolution or something…

      • lina inverse

        I tried. nothing fixes it….
        I changed the resolutions on Switch, turned off & on Switch, unplug HMDI cable & dock, I changed the settings on my tv……. nothing seems to work.

        dock only works when I set the resolution to 480p…

        I will be calling Nintendo tomorrow. I want this fixed before Mario Odyssey comes out…

        • Bart

          Have a look, more people have had this problem and found a solution, do you have a LG TV?

          • lina inverse

            ahhh it worked thanks a lot Bart!!!!!!!!! (b^_^)b

            tho they are saying its not a complete fix something about
            it not being a 1:1 pixel count by turning off just scan.

            “Wouldn’t turning off “just scan” introduce a bit of overscan instead of allowing 1:1 pixel mapping? That’s better than the size jumping back and forth, but still less than ideal.”

            but now I will be able to enjoy Odyssey 😀
            and yeah I have an LG

          • Bart

            Glad I could help. 🙂

            Not sure what that 1:1 thing is about exactly, I’d say if it isn’t noticeable try not to worry about it. I’m guessing an update will probably come along at some point to fix this issue, but for now enjoy your Odyssey! ^^

  • TruExtent

    My wireless G933 headset isn’t working. The Switch detects the USB dongle and says so. Then right after I do any action that should result in a sound, the entire console freezes. The fix for me was to yank out my USB dongle. I only tested it on the Home menu. I also have one more headset here that I can test out, a wired G430 but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

  • Somebody

    Wow, this is pretty good! Hopefully you can video capture games at least up to 5 min!

  • Kaine Morrison

    I wound up with a wierd glitch in Breath of the Wild after this update.
    I could select a sword and it would highlight, but when resuming the game, it wasn’t equiped.
    When in the item select screen…. Link wouldn’t be wearing the equiped clothing.
    Also in the equipment select screen, only Links face would be visable. The rest of him was missing.

    All this happened within a 3 min span.
    I have yet to see this glitch again.

    I was in the Hyrule Ridge area, near the Toh Yahsa Shrine
    It was thunderstorming out.

    • Bradley

      Hope we can still dup weapons

  • Jake R.

    Small thing, but it also added in a bug report system for when a game crashes. I know this from the stardew valley crashes that are being fixed.

  • Celoriu

    Another small tweak that I noticed: you can now delete a screencap directly by pressing X while you’re looking at it. Up until now, you needed to go back to the album main gallery and select the tiny thumbnails in order to delete them, which was not very convenient.