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Titan Quest confirmed for Switch

Posted on December 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Following GameFly’s leak, THQ Nordic has officially announced that Titan Quest is heading to Switch. It’s due out in 2018 “when it is done.”

Titan Quest will include the main game and immortal throne. Pricing is set at $29.99 / £26.99 on other consoles, but we’re assuming it’ll be $10 more on Switch.

Continue on below for more details about Titan Quest.

About Titan Quest Console Edition

From Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart writer Randall Wallace comes an action role playing game set in ancient Greece, Egypt and Asia. The Titans have escaped their eternal prison, wreaking havoc upon the earth. The gods seek a hero who can turn the tide in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of both men and gods. Are you ready for the quest?

– Explore the Ancient World – Unlock arcane mysteries as you journey to legendary locations
– Conquer Monsters of Legend – Battle mythical beasts in a story-driven campaign that will determine the fate of all existence
– Highly Customizable Characters – Build and customize your characters with 28 classes and over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary items to create the ultimate champion
– Online Multiplayer Gameplay – Challenge others to experience the story in fast-action, 2-6 player online cooperative gameplay
– Console controls & UI – Tailor made UI and controls for a perfect ARPG experience using a gamepad
– Remastered graphics – Fully reworked textures for an up to date Titan Quest experience

Available languages
English Game Audio & Game Text
French Game Audio & Game Text
German Game Audio & Game Text
Russian Game Audio & Game Text
Italian Game Text Only
Polish Game Text Only
Spanish Game Text Only
Chinese (Simplified) Game Text Only
Korean Game Text Only
Japanese Game Text Only

Source: THQ Nordic PR

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  • Leonardo Modesto

    Thank god come bundled with the expansion. My favorite pc game. Day one purchase.

    • Roto Prime

      Tell me more, I only played a few game on PC like Diablo, Lost Eden, Dodge Viper racing and……Cap’n Crunch Crunchling Adventure….

      • Leonardo Modesto

        It has tons of classes and unique itens. If you’re into mythology you’re gonna love it. The gameplay is much like diablo, but i like the setting and map more. You should try the pc version.

        • Roto Prime

          Thanks for the post!! I hope it has Lan!!

    • Arm

      Be advised: it’s not the Ragnarok expansion, just Immortal Throne. Basically the port will be vanilla Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. I don’t personally mind that, but some might.

      • Leonardo Modesto

        Yeah, no version comes with the new expansion, hope they add it soon.

  • Bart

    Yeah, sign me up for this.

  • Drybonekoopa85

    I’ll be grabbing this day 1! Now I need to get some friends together to tackle this game. Still need to play Nine Parchments. Might pick that up today along with Slain. So much to play so little time lol.

  • Roto Prime

    [ T ]/

  • Melatelo

    Great! Can’t wait to get this 6 months after the other versions! Seriously this is getting tiring.

  • Radish

    Sweet! Can we get an Age of Empires game too while you’re at it, Mr. Co-Creator?

  • Thiago Romam

    Hope they can add the new expansion too.
    Also, a physical release for this one needs to happen!

  • Paulo Santos

    Lots of languages, but no portuguese…

  • The Watcher

    Inferior Console but its portable

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Release date: TBA 2018
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