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Trailers for the new games on the Japanese New 3DS Virtual Console

Posted on August 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, Videos

A bunch of new games are heading to the Japanese New 3DS Virtual Console – twelve specifically. View trailers for the various titles below.

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  • ughhh
    still no snes square games on virtual console in the us

  • Wow, there are some absolute gems amongst those. I’d definitely get them if they ever came westward.

    • Kelvin Kwok Yin Chan

      I downloaded all the gems at the cheapest prices possible during the sale they have now. 36% off for all 12 games. Yes, I understand Japanese.

      • I envy you. I always wanted to get into Japanese, mostly for some untranslated Tales games, but the way life works the earliest I’ll ever have time to commit to learning another language will be in about one or two decades. Until then, I’ll sit here, hoping for English releases down the line. You enjoy those games though! Great stuff.

  • Christopher Dubois

    Ugh more Square VC titles that wont come westward. I swear more people need to speak out about this. I could forgive Square for not releasing FF6 Advance if they at least bring FF3 (FF6) to the western 3ds eshop this alone would be enough. I hate having to resort to Wii Mode or secure an SNES classic just to play this.