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Two new Japanese ARMS trailers

Posted on February 10, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in Switch, Videos

Nintendo has just uploaded two new trailers for ARMS to its Japanese Youtube account. One of them showcases the 5 characters we’ve seen so far, the other focuses on the titular weapons each character can equip. Check them out:

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  • leonsnel

    Arms weapons
    Fire Punch: You can make it light up with fire by charging your punch / opponent catches on fire if hit, and they’ll always fall down
    Big Punch: A big and slow punch / If you charge it, it becomes bigger and also deflects opponents punches
    Thunder Punch: can charge your punch to have a electric punch / opponent cant move for a bit if hit, can combo into a throw
    Boomerang: Can curve a lot more / You can charge it to have a wind effect that makes the opponent fly
    Revolver: 3 punches with one “Swing” / can stun opponents if charged / easly deflected by enemy punches so be careful
    Salamander: Attackes like a whip / chan charge your punch to light it up with fire -> more damage
    Spring guy: can deflect atacks after dodging, when his HP is low his attack goes up
    Ribbon girl: can jump multiple times in air, can also fall down quickly
    Ninja guy: disappears(warps) when dodging mid-air, can also “warp” after his guard
    Mummy guy: doesnt get stunned while running, jumping, and attacking / Heals while guarding
    Mechanica : Can hover mid-air, doesnt get stunned (same as mummy)

    • Vinicius

      mecania and mummy confirmed for my mains.

      • Janmbernal

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  • metalpants

    Wow. Is this game getting better and better, or does it seem that way because of the pace they release new info on it? The whole package just seems amazingly satisfying. Also, I don’t remember ever seeing those character-specific counter abilities :o.

    • Usama Notkani

      This has the potential to be the new splatoon

      • metalpants

        Completely agreed. Seems Nintendo has their own dedicated fighter in their… hands… ahem. Not saying that Smash isn’t Nintendo’s fighter (there’s also Pokkén now), but I don’t think Nintendo’s ever had a proper 1st-party-made fighter. With this, MK and Splatoon (for variety’s sake), Nintendo can host their own brand-exclusive eSports events. Good stuff.

        • Usama Notkani

          Yeah an esports event with smash pokken arms splatoon and mk. That would be awesome

          • mk?

          • Usama Notkani

            Mario kart

          • Mario Kart could never be a MLG game since it’s all based on luck and not skill

          • Tlink7

            I would agree with you…. but Hearthstone, for some stupid reason, is an eSport. And that game has infinitely more RNG going on than Mario Kart xD

          • ForeVision

            Yogg-Saron win in tournaments? 😛

          • Tlink7

            They nerfed Yoggy ;-;
            The only time I find Hearthstone fun to watch/play is when people use stupid or random decks. This is what people did when the game was still new. Now everyone just looks up a netdeck and that is so boring. I quit years ago.

          • ForeVision

            Ahh yes, the notion of “cookie cutting” I’m sure you know it well. It’s the same reason why Diablo 3 gets rather boring the higher you go on the rifts, simply because diversity bleeds the higher you get, and simply dies when you’re at a certain level. I eagerly await the time where we get another modern game that doesn’t have cookie cutting, while having builds and diversity.

          • Tlink7

            Balancing talent trees 100% is very difficult.. but I hope we get to that day. Cookie-cutting is sooooooooooo boring. I just do whatever I find the most fun, as long as my performance doesn’t suffer too much 😀

          • ForeVision

            Aye, but there’s the problem isn’t it? Your performance does suffer, to the point of you just failing and being unable to enjoy the game, simply because of your choice in play-style.

            I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh as card game quite a lot a while back, but when you go to tournaments there, it’s nothing but cookie cutter decks, fielding cards that are expensive as hell (some of these come close, and even cross the 100 euros line) and those who throw the most money into their decks, combined with some time reach the top. People who play the decks the enjoy, simply end up being the pavement these people walk over on their way to the top (sounds crude, but that’s the jest of it)

            Same goes with the Pokemon games when you play it in competitions. It’s the same couple who are really good, with others simply being trash or “meh” and being shuffled into the “lesser” brackets. It portrays that you can win with your favorites, but the truth is far from it.

          • Ninty Kad

            Yeah, If Hearthstone and ROCKET LEAUGE can be an esport, then ARMS, Spat2n, and even Mario Kart can be an esport

          • Mario Kart is not esports..

          • Ninty Kad

            And yet Rocket League is…

          • Rocket League is played with skill… no random items..

          • Hearthstone is not 100% random it’s a strategy skill based game with some random elements

            1. you pick the cards you want in your deck – this is not random.
            players are taking the time to carefully pick a play style or strategy.
            for example play styles varies from ice mage to a warrior or hunter etc
            each style calls for a different strategy.
            unlike Mario Kart you are getting random items & power ups on the go not allowing for any type of strategy this is truly based on luck.

            2. you are allow to play or save the cards in your hand to use any point in the game. Mario Kart you have to use that item if you want to pick up a new one. again not allowing for any type of strategy. this is why i loved double dash it had some aspect of a strategy play style.

            3. once you have about 6 or 10 cards in your hand you can to start to plan out a strategy unlike mario kart there is none, you can only hold one item and if you are dead last you will get a blue shell….. and if you are in 1st place you are f#@%k all you getting are bananas and green shells. and a useless coin.. ( they gotta fix that)

            since we are talking about Mario Kart i’m gonna say this plz take the COINS!!! out of the game they are pointless and worthless i would prefer a green shell to a dumb coin.. or make it so you can block an item with them… you know how annoying it is to be in 1st and only getting coins then a red shell hits you and bang you fall from 1st too 5th….

            COINS are the worst things to ever happen to Mario Kart!!!!!!!!

          • Tlink7

            It is 100% random. You have zero influence on which cards you pull out of your deck at the start of your turn in Hearthstone. Your enemy floods the board with minions? AoE! But if you don’t have luck on your side, you won’t have the card to deal with the situation. Even if you’re the most skillfull player in the world, at that point, you’re fcked 😛 how far you are able to get in Hearthstone hinges soley upon luck of the draw. Chance > skill.

            This is not true in Mario Kart. You can get incredibly far ahead of other people by simply knowing the course and completing laps in the fastest way possible (shortcuts etc.). This is all skill-based. The random factor of Mario Kart serves more as an equaliser of the gameplay rather than it being the cornerstone of the experience.
            Moreover, if we dive into the RNG department of MK… you have influence over which item you get from a box in races. The lower you are in the rankings, the higher the chance is you get a good item. So if you drop a few places just before picking up a block, this can really help you out. I do this quite often in tight races. One or two lost seconds are easily compensated by some mushrooms or an 8-items-thingy. Chance = skill for the average player. Those Japanese people with 30 000 points always seem to be first place, regardless of my luck xD

            I will agree that coins suck. Oh you’re first place with ten coins and a red shell is nearing? HAVE ANOTHER COIN

          • “The lower you are in the rankings, the higher the chance is you get a good item.” this is bull.. this is not skill at all this is just the game giving you a easy pass because you suck. i’m not saying this is bad for a party game it’s great but not for esports.

            have you played Hearthstone?
            well i have for a time i really got into it, i can tell you that there is skill needed to win in that game and the come backs can be crazy if you play your cards right. i have won games where i had only 5 hit points left and the other person had 20 hit points or more. i waited until i had the right set of cards to play in a row and it would work that’s skill not luck.

          • Tlink7

            Is it bull? Then why don’t I get Power Stars when I’m first place? 😛

            I played Hearthstone for about a year when it came out. It was pretty fun because nobody knew what they were doing. After a while though I got very frustrated when RNG would give me the shaft and with the rise of netdecks I quit.
            There is of course skill required, but if you don’t have the right cards, it doesn’t matter how skillfull you are. Your ability to make good plays is entirely dependant on you being able to draw the right cards at the right time, thus skill is subservient to luck.

          • ForeVision

            I no longer play the game myself, but I’ve watched people that were at the top of their game, and rankings. As much as you can argue skill and RNG, it’s something else that baffles me more. People know eachother’s exact decks. There’s no surprises, only very rarely do people use something special, and you can literally see people count “Oh, he’s used 2 of that particular card, that means he no longer has any, so I don’t have to play around that card anymore” and as much as that can be argued as strategy, it also kills having to deal with the situations as they come. There are no trick cards to pull out of the hat, no miracle specials that come out of nowhere and provide a really cool win.

          • Tlink7

            Yeah. Now you can just guess your opponents entire deck based on what they play in like the first two turns… Zoolock, facehunter, dragonpriest, pirate warrior, etc etc. Boorinngggggg…

            Well done with your Yu Gi Oh game 😀 death to cookies!

          • ForeVision

            Thanks, it was one of the few truly memorable wins. If you just net-deck and look up what everyone does, then where’s the fun? You can tell what people play right off the bat, and it becomes more mind-games than genuine adaptation and arguably, strategy.

            If only games like these would regulate their net-decks, shake things up on a weekly basis or so. But no, they won’t do that because (100% true in LoLnami’s case) money, money money!

          • you are just wrong here Tlink7 (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

          • Tlink7

            The victory is yours *explodes*

          • i knew the flower smile would be enough..

          • R.Z.

            With items deactivated, it could turn into a “regular” racing game (just like Smash becomes a fighting game), but not all episodes offer that option unfortunately.

          • that would be cool i would love to see Nintendo offer a no item mode for both off & online play

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