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Ubisoft: Switch’s launch “going incredibly well”, wants to maintain position as third-party leader on Nintendo consoles

Posted on May 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Following up on the comments Ubisoft made about Switch during its financial call yesterday, we now have the full statements made by CEO Yves Guillemot and CFO Alain Martinez.

The first remarks are from Guillemot. Speaking about Switch generally during during Ubisoft’s opening, he said:

“… And on top of this, as we have said for quite some time now, we will be delivering some great games for the Switch. The platform’s launch is going incredibly well and we believe the Switch has the potential to reach wide audience. As you know, Ubisoft has been the leading third-party publisher on Nintendo’s console over the past 10 years, and we intend to maintain that position.”

Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez later tackled a question during the Q&A portion of the call. He shared the following about the system:

“… we have new guidance on the Switch. We have one new game not announced and we have also Just Dance that is coming on the machines plus one or two others.”


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  • Fadi Ali

    We really want assassin creed for switch. Or at least ports for previous series of them

    • masterjedi

      We got Assassin’s Creed 3 & 4 for WiiU but they were bad ports missing a ton of the functionality in the Xbox and Playstation versions and nobody bought them. Guillemot himself pointed to the low sales of those two games and the poor sales of Watchdogs (released 6 months after the Xbox and Playstation versions with massive performance issues) as proof that Nintendo’s audience doesn’t want mature games. From that point on, Ubisoft only released party style games for the WiiU.

  • Carly

    Wow, same old from Ubi it seems

  • Bart

    “As you know, Ubisoft has been the leading third-party publisher on Nintendo’s console over the past 10 years”

    I uh.. Didn’t know that, actually.

    • awng781

      Just Dance was, at one point, Ubisoft’s biggest franchise. That’s why.

  • ForeVision

    “As you know, Ubisoft has been the leading third-party publisher on Nintendo’s console over the past 10 years, and we intend to maintain that position.”

    Do forgive me that I take that with the Dead Sea’s worth of salt.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Less Just Dance, more other stuff please.

  • JasonBall

    I wonder who the leader actually is. Capcom makes mega bucks with MH. Namco always has those jp exclusives like one piece and Dragon Ball. It’s hard to determine because there are not a ton of data points.

  • AquaBat

    Oh, piss off, you weren’t even number one on the console that had almost no third party support at all. You still managed to be outdone with almost no competition.

  • Sorry but currently the top Publishers in terms of sales right now is
    Konami – Super Bomberman R having 500K
    Hamster Corporation – NEO Geo Games having over 200K

    Square Enix – Dragon Quest Heroes I-II – Over 100K

    • TDude73

      At this moment, Otaku, you have spoken the truth. KONAMI is the third-party leader on Nintendo Switch.

      • Jon Turner

        Which is honestly quite surprising considering Konami hadn’t really done anything great in recent years. Their last actions were to lay off Hideo Kojima and shut down their console division, all after MGSV. I wonder why the 180 turn?

  • masterjedi

    Lot of people are going to say Ubisoft wasn’t the leader sales-wise, but I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the fact that no 3rd party publisher released more games for Nintendo platforms in the last 10 years than Ubisoft and he’s probably right or pretty darn close. I think Ubisoft released almost 20 games for the WiiU and who knows how many for the Wii. Think about it: ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Watchdogs, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed 4 all came to WiiU, not to mention all the Just Dance games. Its easy for Guillemot to make this claim. Here’s my problem though:

    Excluding the Just Dance series, which I did not follow closely, every one of those games except ZombiU was delayed or released without all the same functionality of its counterparts on Microsoft and Sony’s systems. So yes, Ubisoft has supported Nintendo, but its been very shoddy support. The way the handled ZombiU is still one of the biggest travesties I’ve ever witnessed.

  • hi v3.0

    Ubisoft should know that at this point Nintendo fans wants more than just Just Dance!!! Give us Assassin’s Creed and more!!!

  • masterjedi

    I have a bad taste in my mouth from Ubisoft (insert sex joke here) from how they handled their “support” on the WiiU. That said, I did truly love ZombiU and on the Wii, I thought their version of Prince of Persia was outstanding. I would love to see those two franchises return but only if the quality is there. I do not want them to give us lazy ports of their big franchises like they did with Watchdogs on WiiU and then complain and pull their support of those kinds of games when they don’t sell.

  • Jacob Groves

    Ubisoft!!! Give us Beyond Good & Evil 2, new Splinter Cell game, Far Cry 5 and new Assassin’s Creed game on Switch please then we can talk to you for much more supports in future. 🙂

  • masterjedi

    LOTS of people asking for Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft did port Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 to WiiU and between both games combined they sold less than 700k. That’s not a good return and it was at that time that Guillemot famously claimed “Nintendo gamers do not buy Assassin’s Creed.” Its hard to fault him for that although both those games did not run as smoothly as they did on their Xbox and Playstation counterparts. Some will attribute those performance failures to the WiiU’s failure as a piece of hardware. I don’t know but I don’t see Ubisoft bringing Assassin’s Creed back to Nintendo until some other mature IP sells very well on the platform.

    • malbhet

      selling 700k on a console that barely sold 13.5 million units to the consumer is impressive on it’s own. Ubisoft isn’t really making anything note worthy with the copy paste AC franchise, and there are plenty of other 3rd party devs that have shown stronger support for Nintendo’s platforms for a much longer time than Ubisoft.
      Capcom and Atlus are the dominant 3rd party supporters on Nintendo’s platforms. Capcom’s MH3U, 4U, Gen, and soon to be double cross, RE Revelations (which was the game that saved the RE franchise at the time and was a 3ds timed exclusive), the Ace Attorney series which is a Nintendo exclusive series, Atlus’s Shin Megami, Etrian series, Conception series ect. Want a list proving Atlus is a stronger supporter on Nintendo’s platforms and have been for years here you go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Atlus_games#Nintendo_3DS

      • masterjedi

        I admit that I am not super familiar with all the 3rd party publishers and developers out there. I do not dispute that Atlus and Capcom have been stronger supporters of Nintendo than Ubisoft. With that said, I have followed Ubisoft’s Nintendo games pretty closely since the Wii and they made it pretty clear that they do not believe in mature games on Nintendo platforms anymore because of the way ZombiU, Watchdogs, Assassin’s Creed 3 and Assassin’s Creed 4 sold on the WiiU. I think whatever “support” Switch sees from Ubisoft is going to come in the form of games like Just Dance and I think it is a mistake for fans to get their hopes up and expect Ubisoft to bring any of their rated M titles to the Switch. I ESPECIALLY don’t think they will bring Assassin’s Creed back specifically because of how unhappy they were with the franchise’s sales on WiiU.

        • malbhet

          AC, Watchdogs weren’t gonna do that well because every platform was saturated with those games, and majority of WiiU owners had AC on their other platforms. Watchdogs was gonna fail regardless because it was released on the Wiiu after the other platforms, the Wiiu port ran horribly, and by the time it came to the WiiU it was already known to be a horrible game. Ubisoft ruined ZombieU on the Wiiu by forcing the use of the gamepad whenever you need to look into your inventory, which they could have patched to make it an option but didn’t. I still bought ZombiU when it was still an exclusive but Ubisoft seem like the type of companie that go out of their way to make their games a horrible experience on platforms they despise to create an excuse they can use in the future for when they need a reason why they don’t want to release a product on certain platforms, I mean the company is ran by a guy who made it clear that he hated gamers and thought they all were thieves.

          A lot of these devs are making a huge mistake because there are literally millions of Switches out there in the consumers homes and barely any games on there at the moment, so if anyone truly wanted to make bank right now they could have done so easily, Capcom should have done by releasing MHXX on the Switch within the first couple of months, but they screwed that up as well.
          Releasing a game that is known to sell well, on a console that just released but has barely any games, would have made any publisher a lot of money, problem is these publishers are too stupid to realize this and they keep trying to release their games around the same time as everyone else.

          • dont just make up weird stats about how wiiu owners own other systems and certain games

          • malbhet

            Actually I’m talking about myself and every single gamer I know personally who play a variety of games. out of the 114 of our group who own a WiiU 96 of us, including myself, also own Sony consoles and a pc, 15 others own an xbox console, and the rest also own a PC. A lot of people buy Nintendo platforms for their exclusives alone and not for the lesser versions of a multiplat, I’m not saying everyone does this, I’m just stating what I’ve seen personally, that’s just fact.

          • ok it’s anecdotal

          • masterjedi

            I think you are absolutely right about AC 3 & 4 and Watchdogs. However I disagree with you on ZombiU. Looking at the game pad was a HUGE part of that game that I really liked. It made the experience a lot more harrowing for me and I liked that. The fact that I was looking away from the screen to manage my inventory was really immersive to me. But that’s just my opinion. Either way, I think you are right about 3rd party support right now on the Switch. I think most of them are taking the “wait and see” approach and I think that’s a mistake. Had they released a good game, they would have very little competition right now.

          • ForeVision

            “I think most of them are taking the “wait and see” approach and I think that’s a mistake. Had they released a good game, they would have very little competition right now.” True (proven by Super Bomberman R), but we all know that the Switch comes in the aftermath of the Wii-U, which urges caution for sure. Even if the Switch is a hybrid consisting of two well-proven concepts, it is still a guess on how well it will do in the long run.

          • masterjedi

            Absolutely true, it requires those companies to take a risk for sure. But take your risk maybe with a smaller game or plunge right in like (Konami?) did with Super Bomberman R. The thing is, now we have to scenarios that are going to happen. One, 3rd parties are going to realize the Switch is a money machine and start working on games that won’t release on the system for another year or 2 and be in a flooded market with other 3rd party developers doing the same thing, or 3rd party developers are going to rush some games out hoping to strike first while the iron is hot and the games will be subpar, fail to sell, and those developers will run away again.

            This is my problem with the wait and see approach. Because of the time it takes to develop a game, if you don’t commit early, you miss the boat because by the time your master game is ready to release, (assuming you put the right amount of effort into it) the console is maybe halfway through its life cycle. Think about CoD, the only reason they’re able to release one of those every year is because there are three different studios working on the franchise at all times. But if you actually pay attention, each studio usually only gets one, MAYBE two CoD games per hardware generation.

          • ForeVision

            The console life-cycle is an interesting argument to make, especially these days, when consoles get new iterations or “adjustments” for naming sake that still run the exact same games as their base models do. So how much water does that argument really hold in the current generation?

            In regards to releasing, there’s devs having to take into account major releases, such as Splatoon 2. To release alongside it, is to account for losing sales due to it. This has been the case with every major release up to date, where developers will actively try to avoid releasing their game at the same time as a major triple A (unless it’s sufficiently different, and even then they’ll very carefully consider, because consumers don’t have unlimited money)

            I’m sure most developers, at least those who weren’t interested in Switch from the get-go, or contacted by Nintendo would have started making a new game recently (if interested in Switch), but as far as ports go, we see a lot of them popping up on Switch alongside the other consoles.

          • malbhet

            If Capcom had released MHXX in the west on the Switch at release they would have sold more copies than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe out the gate, I may be exaggerating a bit, but they definitely would have passed theier 2million copy sales for that game. Well at least Inti Creates are smart enough to capitalize on on the Switches lack of games at this early stage because they just announced Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker pack with all the dlc included for the Switch late August. I already own the 3ds version, but I’m definitely gonna buy it again to on the Switch for the portable to tv capability. http://www.dualshockers.com/azure-striker-gunvolt-nintendo-switch/

    • i bought assassins creed 3
      it was a total garbage game
      it made me stop playing the series

      and forget “did not run as smoothly”
      it hard crashed my wiiu multiple times, once while saving
      it was the second wiiu game i bought. it did not work, and when it did work, it sucked hard.

      • masterjedi

        I did not buy either AC game that came out on WiiU. In fact, I have never played an AC game myself. But your experience is right in line with the majority of experiences I read about when those games came out. Gamers complained that they were buggy and broken to the point that you could not finish them. This is one of the reasons I don’t trust Ubisoft when they say they want to support Nintendo as far as their games aimed at”mature” audiences. They had to have known those games were not running properly; same with Watchdogs. They released them anyway and then complained when nobody bought them. All three of those games had their review embargoes lifted VERY late which always makes me think the developer doesn’t want the poor reviews to get out there too soon before the launch because they’re banking on selling a large quantity based on IP popularity instead of people staying away because reviews are bad. I think that’s exactly what Ubisoft did with AC 3 & 4 and Watchdogs on WiiU.

        • i didnt say i couldnt finish it
          i finished it
          i said it was a terrible game, despite the bugs. worst in the series.
          nobody tipped me off at any point that the games didn’t work, so that being the reason why it didn’t sell doesn’t make sense. it also got good reviews despite being a totally butt game

          • masterjedi

            I was just speaking hypothetically, I wasn’t actually saying you personally couldn’t finish it. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

  • R.Z.

    You want to be a third party leader on Switch?
    gosh, that’s nice of you !
    How about releasing some games then ?
    Just Dance you say ? No, no, that doesn’t count, sorry.

    • malbhet

      They can start by finishing that ZombiU sequel and releasing it on the Switch. The first one was pretty good, would have been better if they didn’t force you to use to constantly look back and forth between the TV and the gamepad to use your items. If they release Zombi 2 on the Switch as a true console exclusive, rather than timed exclusive, than that could be their Nintendo hit, but this is Ubisoft we’re talking about and they will never do anything smart like that.

  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    So is Steep still coming or? …

  • ChaosNocturne

    ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahh your just a joke ubisoft

  • malbhet

    This article is garbage and Ubisoft is garbage!
    Capcom and Atlus are the dominant 3rd party supporters on Nintendo’s platforms, NOT Ubisoft! Capcom’s MH3U, 4U, Gen, and soon to be double cross series, RE Revelations (which was the game that saved the RE franchise at the time), the Ace Attorney series which is a Nintendo exclusive series, Atlus’s Shin Megami, Etrian series, Conception series ect. Want a list proving Atlus is a stronger supporter on Nintendo’s platforms and have been for years here you go https://en.wikipedia.org/wi
    Btw Ubisoft, what happened to that ZombiU 2 game that you were working on….. nothing? I thought so.

    • capcom put some stuff out for 3ds
      big deal

      they put out zero major games for wiiu

      • ForeVision

        Then what would you call Monster Hunter, arguably one of the most prominent franchises in Japan and rising in the West, an indie?

        • it was an hd port of monster hunter tri, it’s a niche game and it also sucks

          • ForeVision

            I wouldn’t say it’s niche, neither would I say it sucks, but that’s subjective matter. I shall leave it at that.

          • it’s niche bro

          • ForeVision

            Sure thing “bro” whatever makes you happy.

          • capcom sucks