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UK software sales (Week ending 06/17/2017)

Posted on June 19, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch

This week’s UK software sales are as follows:

Individual formats

All formats

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  • Ektoras Kalderis

    2nd spot is great for a new ip. Besides its U.K charts.

    • Bradley


  • Stuart

    Arms in second,nice!

  • Odali

    Expected ARMS to do better especially since there was nothing major released at the same time.

    • ben

      It is a fighting game. It is the UK.

      Arms has a lot of content coming so we will see how it does when more content is released. Splatoon debuted at roughly the same sales.

    • Eagle367

      Mario kart 8 DX was the first ninty game to be number 1 in UK after a long time. So that should tell you that tou have to be more than an absolute beast to debut at no. 1 in UK as a ninty exclusive. For a new IP this as good as it gets in uk

  • Dilly

    MK8D and Zelda keep sliding away out of the charts, and a fairly lacklustre debut for Arms…Nintendo would have been hoping for more…

    • Indielink

      It’s UK. This is great for ARMS debut. Mario and Zelda are both sticking around a lot longer than most people thought they would.

    • masterjedi

      Debuting at #2 is lackluster?

  • awng781

    Arms had the 4th biggest debut for a Switch game, behind Zelda BOTW, MK8D, and 1-2 Switch.

    In other words, Arms sold like a fighting game in Nintendo’s weakest market (in Europe).

  • Wow, good for ARMS! I’m kinda surprised that it took the second spot, but definitely happy for it. I expect a fast drop, but it’ll be interesting to watch.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Well it’s a good thing this game is selling well. Because my friends HATED this game lol. I’ll be playing online mostly it seems…

  • R.Z.

    What’s with Horizon again ?
    I think somebody said it was part of some promotional offer, but maybe it has just hit off particularly well over there for … reasons ?
    Otherwise I’m glad to see ARMS doing well, I hope I won’t regret passing it too much.