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Updated Resident Evil Revelations Collection boxart, fact sheet

Posted on September 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, News, Switch

Capcom has provided the final boxart for Resident Evil Revelations Collection. We have it above.

To compare, this was the original, tentative version:

Capcom also sent out a fact sheet for Resident Evil Revelations Collection, attached below. It goes over the included features and more.

Source: Capcom PR

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  • Vinicius

    Yeah, yeah, that’s nice and all, but I want to know: Can we get some Mega Man capcom?

    • Paddy Alfan

      He’s too busy fighting ironman

  • Leonel

    Well looks like this will be worth the purchase despite RE revelations 2 being a 26 gb download but ill have a ton of hours of gameplay especially with the raid mode on both games

  • Apfel

    I guess we cannot blame capcom for being cheap…This is all nintendo, and something they should fix asap. Cart sizes are 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Captain obvious here, but the fact that capcom chose 1 16GB to put revelations 1 inside (13 GB) says that probably the 32GB version is too expensive. If you make a portable console (even if it’s hybrid, it’s still portable), then all physical games should be able to fit, complete, inside a cart. And shouldn’t be expensive.

    • Lance Devon

      They might be expensive, or Capcom could be that damn cheap.

      I mean, they did just sell Switch owners an overpriced version of old SF back in May.

    • Paddy Alfan

      So how did nintendo need to fix this? Adding external Bluray reader?

      • Apfel

        Not charging 10 extra bucks for a 32 GB would be a nice start. They’re smart, they can figure out where to find money to cover the money loss.

  • James Fox

    Both are $20 on the eShop
    It’s basically a steal
    Y’all should be happy

    • Tjnswitch

      for real, thank you for saying that !

  • sremick

    Both should be on the cartridge, otherwise WTF is the point of the physical cartridge? What’s there to loan to your friend? Re-sell later when you’re done with the game? This whole thing is a scam… I don’t buy physical cartridges just to get a download code. F you right back, Capcom. There are other games to play.

  • Rafael Bueno

    I found this divided boxart cute

  • Tjnswitch

    def going to get both Digital ! whats the point of having one game on your system 24/7 but not the other, besides RER was so damn cool i def want the digital on my SWITCHT at all times ! They should have put RER2 (the 26gb) on the cartridge and the download code for RER would have made more sense, but since i’m getting both from the eshop i don’t truly care, nothing negative about this being released at all in my book !

  • Pachirisu

    the 26 GB download is the only reason i’m not getting this game,
    gahhh like why is the game so big??

    on the plus side these games will be $9.99 each in 2 years lol