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VVVVVV confirmed for Switch, out on November 17

Posted on October 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Update: Added in the official announcement below. Costs $9.99, with 60 frames per second and graphical filters.

Original: VVVVVV is coming to Switch, Nicalis has confirmed. The game will be releasing digitally on November 17.

Nicalis just shared the news on Twitter with the following message, which also holds a trailer:

Many of the Switch games Nicalis has published have seen physical releases. VVVVVV could be digital-only, however.

SANTA ANA, California, October 23, 2017—Nicalis, Inc., video game developer and publisher, announces today that the crazy fun gravity-switching saga VVVVVV will release on the Nintendo eShop for digital download on November 17. It will carry a price of $9.99.

In VVVVVV you play as Captain Viridian, brave commander of a spaceship whose crew members are accidentally teleported to random locations in an unknown dimension. While exploring the ship and its surroundings, you can switch the polarity of gravity at any time. You can “fall up” to extricate yourself from pits and walk across the ceiling when it’s too dangerous to step on the floor. Viridian uses this ability to search for teleporters, shiny collectible trinkets and the ship’s missing crew.

“VVVVVV was designed by Terry Cavanagh as an homage to the 8-bit Commodore 64 computer games that he played while he was growing up,” says Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez. “But you don’t need to have had those experiences to enjoy every last bit of it. It’s one of those rare games that are immediately accessible and simple.”

The Switch version of VVVVVV runs at 60 frames per second, with bright and colorful throwback graphics and a number of graphical filters to change the visual aesthetic. The supremely catchy chiptune soundtrack will stay in your head for hours after you stop playing.

Developed by distractionware and Nicalis, Inc., VVVVVV will be available for Nintendo Switch on November 17 as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 (North America) or 9,99€ (Europe). The game has been rated E by the ESRB.


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  • AnonymousApple

    Always nice to see older games come over to the Switch. Loved this when I was younger.

    • Justin McQuillen

      Time has frozen since 2001 basically. Everything was moving very fast before then. Thankfully things are speeding back up in 2017. It has to do with the world economy. Hardware manufacturers don’t want the secret out, but it had a huge effect on the speed of tech R&D improvement for nearly a decade. Notice how graphics haven’t improved greatly past RE4 on Gamecube-tier quality. It’s innovators like Nintendo who always have to jump-start the industry like they did in 1985.

  • Bart

    This has been on my 3DS wishlist for ages, guess I’ll put it on my Switch wishlist now. :p

    Though if the 3DS version has 3D I would still prefer that version… Hmm.

  • Jaxad0127

    Is anyone else having issues with Twitter videos? Everyone I’ve tried recently has stopped loading partway through.

    • Waterdrop

      Twitter is fine for me, i think its just you :/

    • Chris Lynch

      I think you’re using IE11. Try using Firefox and you should be ok.

      • Jaxad0127

        Chrome 51.

  • all the hottest games of last decade that nobody really bought then either

  • R.Z.

    Great game.
    Very old though, but for anyone who hasn’t played it yet, it’s cool.

    Judging by its indies library one could think the Switch is ten years old already …

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