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Code of Princess EX footage

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Nicalis is bringing Code of Princess EX to Switch at the very end of this month. Have a look at some early footage below.

Redout was announced for Switch well over a year ago. Despite that, there’s been absolutely no news about the game since. And with Amazon starting to cancel pre-orders, fans were starting to raise concerns about the racer’s fate on Switch.

Fortunately, despite the lack of news, Redout is still planned for Switch. Developer 34BigThings confirmed that it’s still planned for the future. The studio also says it will be announcing “something amazing” about the Switch version soon, though further details were not provided.

Thanks to Segata for the tip.


Redout, a Wipeout-like racing game, was announced back when the Switch was first revealed, but very little has been said about it since. Its release date has constantly shifted, with no word about when it will definitively be coming to the Switch.

Unfortunately, Amazon has cancelled preorders for the game today, saying it’s no longer available from the supplier. This does not necessarily indicate that the game is cancelled for Switch, but it is becoming more and more likely.

Redout has been available on Xbox One and PS4 for just about two years. In the case it does not come to Switch, Fast RMX is built on a similar concept that was received well by critics. For those interested in a futuristic racer like Redout, RMX may be a good alternative!


During a Wednesday Night Fights Offseason live stream, a bunch of Crystal Crisis was shown with over an hour of footage. We’ve posted the recording below.

Nicalis has determined a western release date for its crossover fighting game Blade Strangers. It’s due out on August 28, the company announced today.

Blade Strangers features characters from a number of games, including Cave Story+, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Code of Princess EX, Umihara Kawase, Shovel Knight, and Azure Striker Gunvolt. You can also expect a plethora of modes such as Story Mode, Challenge Mode, online support, and much more.

Code of Princess launches on Switch next month. But as some of you may recall, it was originally a 3DS game.

A blog post shared by Nicalis this week goes over the improvements and new content for the Switch version. Co-op, redrawn artwork, and enhanced ability are included.

Blade Strangers recieves new cover art

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Blade Strangers gets some new art for its case according to a posting from Amazon Canada. You can see the new art above.


Runner3 update out now

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Choice Provisions has issued a new patch for Runner3. Along with “all sorts of bug fixes and improvements,” the update also has “a fix to the issue of the first Retro Challenge crashing for some folks”.

Runner3 is currently available on the eShop as well as physically at retail.


Blade Strangers is launching sometime this summer in the west. As for Japan, a release date of August 30 was announced today.

Here’s a new trailer:

Blade Strangers will cost 4,000 yen physically and 3,700 yen digitally.

NBA 2K19, RemiLore pre-orders open

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Pre-orders have opened for a couple of new Switch games announced this week.

First up is NBA 2K19. You can pre-order the NBA 2K19 Anniversary Edition on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. The standard version is currently up on Best Buy and GameStop.

Reservations are also up for RemiLore, which Nicalis announced for publishing this week. Amazon has it here while GameStop has it here. RemiLore will have the usual Nicalis goodies, including an instruction booklet.

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