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Blade Strangers – Master T trailer

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Nicalis has once again shared a character trailer for the Switch fighter Blade Strangers. We have a video below for Master T, a character from Code of Princess.


Nicalis has prepared the latest Blade Strangers character trailer. View a video below for Lina, who was created specifically for this game.


Nicalis has released a new trailer for Blade Strangers, showing off Ali from Code of Princess EX. Check out the video of Ali taking on Emiko in the tweet below:

Nicalis has released a new trailer for Blade Strangers, showing off Emiko and her giant pet cat, Shakemaru, from the Umihara Kawase series. Check out the video of Emiko taking on Curly in the tweet below:

Earlier in the month, Nicalis announced that Ikaruga is coming to Switch. The reveal was made through social media as well as an official press release.

Had Nicalis had its way, the announcement would have gone down slightly differently. The company actually reached out to Nintendo about revealing the news in a Nintendo Direct, but the Big N “wasn’t interested.”

Ikaruga Switch footage

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Ikaruga is quickly approaching its May 29 release date on Switch. For a look at the game with early footage, watch the video below.

Nicalis is back with the latest character trailer for Blade Strangers. Representing Cave Story+, we have the video for Curly Brace below.

Blade Strangers is scheduled to launch this summer. Over a dozen playable characters will be included.


[Review] Runner3

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System: Switch
Release date: May 22, 2018
Developer: Choice Provisions
Publisher: Choice Provisions / Nicalis

The Bit.Trip series has had an interesting aesthetic progression. Starting out as an assortment of simple WiiWare rhythm games with mock Atari 2600-style visuals, it treated a few simple gameplay concepts with a kind of low fidelity presentation suitable for the WiiWare service’s strict file size limitations. Out of this collection, Bit.Trip Runner found the most success. Being the least abstract of the series, the autorunning rhythm platformer was fashioned after Pitfall, if Pitfall had trance-inducing chiptune music. Runner2 released with a revamped 3D art style and a musical style that was appropriately more sophisticated. In most ways, Runner3 is a natural progression from Runner2, cutting down on superfluous gameplay concepts and evolving the Bit.Trip formula to an impressive degree. Its control nuances and smart level design makes for one of the least stiff and most improvisational autorunning games that I’ve played.

Nicalis has prepared another new character trailer for Blade Strangers. Below, we have a video featuring Liongate from Code of Princess.


Earlier in the week, we heard that Code of Princess EX will be landing in Japan on August 2. Nicalis has now announced that the overseas release will take place a few days earlier. Code of Princess EX launches July 31 in North America and Europe.

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