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Watch the Super Bowl with Nintendo TVii, enter for a chance to win a special Nintendo jersey

Posted on February 1, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Those who watch the Super Bowl with Nintendo TVii tomorrow can enter for a chance to win a special, limited edition Nintendo jersey.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime shared the giveaway news on Twitter just a few minutes ago. He also made note of how Nintendo TVii users can make predictions about the game in real-time and earn high standings on the Leaderboard against other football fans.

The tweets in full:


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  • PattonFiend

    ’bout to get me one of these. I’ll post the pics after they pick me as one of the ten winners and send it off 😉

    (I wish)

  • Ziggy

    meanwhile the rest of the world neither watches the superbowl nor has access to Tvii

  • I am Error.

    Entering was so darn easy but it’s also the 1st time I’ve fired up this app on purpose in a LONG time.
    Still, giveaways like this are a great idea and I’d love to see Nintendo do more.

    • PattonFiend

      You cannot have entered yet??? It does not start until tonight…

  • Nocturne


  • Lolo

    Even if I did win one of these…the fact that there is only 10 of them…will make it one of the rarest nintendo items. I dont want to baby a jersey that I know I can’t replace because the other 9 are with other chosen people.

    I am happy with my NHL Penguins Jersey, no need for me to enter this 😛

    • LordDisco

      I’m happy with my Penguins jerseys too. 😉

      • Lolo

        Dude! Get out! You’re a Pens fan too?!!

        AWESOME!! LETS GO PENS!! 😀

        • LordDisco

          Huge Penguins fan. Ever since I was 8-years-old! Strongly cheering through the good and the bad for the past 23 years! GO PENS!

  • Jack

    Was already planning to do this before I heard about the contest, but cool! Now even more incentive to do so!