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WSJ: Nintendo expects to sell 10 million Switch units in the next fiscal year

Posted on March 17, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch

To follow up on our earlier article on Nintendo’s plans to double the amount of Switch console’s produced in the next fiscal year, Nintendo will naturally expect to sell more of those units as well.

All of this comes from sources from the Wall Street Journal, and while they have traditionally been very reliable with matters like this, take this with a grain of salt. As we reported earlier, Nintendo plans to produce 16 million Switch units in the next fiscal year (April 2017 – March 2018). In that period, according to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo plans to sell a total of 10 million of them. Adding to that the 2.5 million units Nintendo has targeted for this fiscal year (i.e. this March), this would bring the Switch’s expected first year sales to about 12.5 million. Certainly an ambitious goal, but given the Switch’s strong launch sales and positive buzz, definitely not impossible.

We will likely hear an official statement regarding Nintendo’s Switch plans at the company’s Fiscal Year Earnings release on April 27th.



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  • Switchling


  • nemo37

    I think this is a bit too ambitious, at least for what the price of the system is right now. I can see them reaching and exceeding this target with a major price cut but not at the current price point (and I know many people will point out that the system is doing quite well right now, but the key is maintain momentum over a long period of time and I feel that will be difficult at this price). I do hope I am wrong though and that Nintendo will manage to sell their target at this price point; but realistically, I hope Nintendo is considering a major price drop just in case they lose sales momentum.

    • AnAnonymousSource

      I challenge you to give me a reason why it’s too much.

    • AJK

      Mario Kart will continue to shift units in the west and then Splatoon 2 will sell like crazy in Japan. By Christmas when Mario arrives they should have plenty of consoles ready for the Christmas rush.

      I haven’t heard too many people in every day conversation complain about the price, only online where complaints are amplified. Most of the people I have heard speaking about the Switch in real life have been talking about how cool it will be to play Skyrim on the go and how amazing Zelda and the new Mario looks, and if there will be a new pokemon on it.

      • Nowhere Man

        Holiday bundle with Zelda and Mario for $350 would sell soooooooooo many consoles. Doubt Nintendo’s smart enough to do that.

        • AJK

          I think we will get a Zelda bundle by then as the game would have been out a while. Not a Mario one though so close to launch of the game…wouldn’t make sense from a business standpoint.

    • SM

      and hopefully an HD portable FIFa be able to catch the eyes of the European market

      • Bradley

        It’s funny how a whole region is bought by a single game

        • Nowhere Man

          Japan is the only country smart enough not to continue funding future Call of Duties.

          • Isn’t about being smart enough, Japs don’t like western games or consoles (Xbox line), also lack of Japs players multi-player online make them bored to play the game, mostly they don’t speak/read english fluently to have an interaction to other players via voice chat with worldwide players.

            I guess in the future will improve live translation voice, I bet many players will have more options to play with other players around the globe. Hope consoles can make plugins to add features.


    • The price is perfect in Japan so we won’t see one there. It’s a bit expensive in the US, but I don’t think unreasonable. Especially by the time the next fiscal year has started and they have more games.

    • Nowhere Man

      This is significantly cheaper than its competitors’ launch prices. Launch prices are always higher; they are ALWAYS factored into sales forecasts.

  • MoYeung

    Depend upon the games…

  • The truth-ier

    You and the wsj is overestimating the initial launch success, and that goal would be almost a million consoles sold a month.
    If anyone really believes this… well you must be on a drug. Initial launches mean little, because the die hard fans are the ones who buy it in the first month.
    The next big game is MARIO… at the end of the year, and getting no big budget 3rd party game.
    I’m 3 months when the initial shock and excitement wears off, let’s see where the sales are.

    • KnickKnackMyWack

      Do holiday numbers mean nothing to you or something?

      • Velen (Not WoW)

        The guy is another one of those people who basically thinks their opinions are fact.

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          Oh. Guess I got baited. Wamp.

    • Senos

      Where I can agree in some respects, E3 seems to be the forgotten event that comes up in three months. Given the console release date one would hope that Nintendo would be smart enough to leverage E3 and announce something that would come out before Mario.

    • TDude73

      YOU cant handle the truth, The Troll-ier!

    • Tide

      When the console wasn’t even out, it helds the internets attention from November until March. The initial teaser trailer of the Switch completely overshadowed the PS4 Pro launch. Rumours alone kept the internet clinging to ideas, messaging developers and investigating everything from posts to patents. Once the online features, Virtual Console and some bigger game announcements are made, you’ll likely see Switch news absolutely everywhere once again.

      Nintendo is being super smart somehow. From being outdated, they’ve now been trending for half a year.

    • nemo37

      “The next big game is Mario… at the end of the year”…yeah because Splatoon 2 (the first game being a console seller on Wii U), ARMS, MK8: Deluxe (another console seller on N64, GC, Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS ) and Xenoblade 2 are not big games. I also love you are back at trying to pass off your opinion as fact, which is even more hilarious considering in your comment you just acknowledged that the Switch had a strong launch despite the fact that you tried to pass off the launch sales as being weak in your previous posts. Just because you changed your account name from your actual name to “The Truth-ier” does not make anything your spout out more truthful.

    • Nowhere Man

      I guarantee you Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 combine to sell at LEAST 3 million consoles alone.

  • BoredAtWork999

    When will the Switch even be available for purchase anywhere in the United States? No website (Amazon,, Best Buy, etc.) seems to have it available, unless you want to pay $500 to a scalper on eBay.

    • Don’t know if you’ve seen it already, but Gamestop will have them back in stock by Wednesday. Curious to know if any retailers will have them available sooner.

  • Gamingfan

    Im a console only player but I have no interest in this because its a portable. Im not wasting my money on the screen or joy cons when I’ll never use them.

    • TDude73

      Why the f*ck are you here in the first place, you inferior excuse for a gamer? You have failed to realize that the Switch is hybrid system. And there’s an option that you can buy a pro controller. The price may be half of what the Xbox One Elite Controller costs, but it’s worth it.

      • Gamingfan

        Damn you’re butthurt.

        • He was pretty aggressive in his comment, but I also have to wonder. . . why did you come into the article? ^u^;
          Just to say you don’t want the console?

          • Gamingfan

            Why not? I was just checking out a nintendo article.

          • I’m not asking to be rude, I was just wondering what your point with your comment was?

            Just curious, because it wasn’t on-topic and it felt a little random. ^u^;
            But NE doesn’t have a message board/open thread, so I guess I see why you’d pick any old article?

      • flappospammo

        to a moron like you maybe

    • Tide

      Kinda stalked through your comment history and I get a rough idea you aren’t overly impressed with any of the current consoles. Im kind of curious which consoles you current play on and why.

  • Everything depends of Nintendo and 3th party triple A games. If Nintendo want casual gamers back to spend in their system they need a good library.

  • Mark

    Thank goodness; maybe I’ll be able to find one now.

  • bugman83

    Have a pokemon lined up for Switch and it might be possible.

  • I could see this happening.

    And please, stop responding to obvious trolls.
    I’d say they should be banned from commenting but they’d just make another account like the 20 Hermione Grangers I’ve seen here.

  • As long as they mean that on a global scale, I actually think that’s quite doable. Between France, NA and Japan already, I can see it being possible. I’m sure they have something in mind to help console sales.

    And if Splatoon proves to be as powerful for the Switch as it was the Wii U, that would certainly help. (Because the next fiscal year will have started by the time it’s out, right?)

  • Umegames Official

    If they can get the systems out there, then yes.

  • ronin4life

    Hasn’t the WSJ proven itself to be… less than Reputable as of late?
    Along with 75% of the rest of American Media…