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WWE 2K18 includes an 8-bit filter

Posted on October 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

WWE 2K18 is packed with all sorts of neat filters. One of these is an 8-bit filter, which attempts to emulate the style of games from way back in the day.

Here’s a look:

Aside from the 8-bit filter, WWE 2K18 has a few other ones as well. They are as follows:

– Late 90’s Filter
– 1990’s Filter
– 1980’s Filter
– Black & White
– Sepia
– Bad VHS
– Vignette


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  • Nailz

    Now all we need is a release date!

    • Hugo Enrique Rodriguez

      Friday for the delux edition. Next Tuesday for the regular one

  • Ardisan

    A filter that improves any game with realistic graphics :3

  • Vinicius

    Sundenlly I wanna buy the game.
    Also, Bad VHS is my favorite.

  • Roto Prime

    THIS IS TOO EPIC, just need that 100% the full game is on a single cartridge and I will be buying this DAY ONE!!!!

  • Sinton

    Neat idea, but the flimmering seems more exhausting than fun.

  • I would love a wrestling game where you actually have do what real wrestlers have to do.

  • awng782

    The Switch version looks pretty good…/s

  • Exy

    There is nothing 8-bit or retro about this. It’s just a pixelation filter.

    • To make it truly 8-bit, we’d have to lock the camera to a top-down view, get rid of a billion textures, and recreate all the music in 8-bit.

  • SOLD!

  • Tlink7

    It isn’t really 8-bit, but oh well 😛

  • ddh819

    more like 16 bit, looks like Pit Fighter or a sega cd FMV game

  • MagcargoMan

    I think that’s more than 8-Bit…

  • The “8-bit” actually makes it appear to be a low-quality real-life video, at least until Ultimate Warrior’s hair and the actual jerky gameplay
    I wish more games had filters like these.

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