Zangeki no REGINLEIV details

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November 14, 2009 by (@NE_Brian)

- MotionPlus support
– Classic controller support
– Surprisingly violent
– Can target heads/limps, then cut them off (blood effects and all)
– Young deities are up against a race of giants
– Once again, the online co-op is free and supports 4 players
– Weapons customization
– More than 300 weapons


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  • Mateus

    3 days and im still waiting for screens.

    Screens, trailer, anything?

  • Gavin

    Nice. I now fully expect the next news post to be details, and an EU release date for Last Window/Hotel Dusk 2.

    I will call you a bum head if this does not happen.

  • Caio

    More details, please Nintendo!

  • Valay

    There have been some screens/short footage from like…Last year. I can post it in the comments section if you guys are interested.

  • Caio

    Please do, Valay! Or rather, open a topic in the forums.