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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch and Wii U file sizes revealed

Posted on January 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

Curious as to how big The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is? According to Nintendo’s site, the Switch version is 13.4 GB. The Wii U version clocks in at 13 GB itself.


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  • Roto Prime


    • DrowningInBrownings

      900 peas? Whoa! That’s a lot of peas!

  • Luke WalkingMoonTree

    Soooooooo why is the internal storage so small ? I mean THE launch title fill almost half of the space, what will they do when X2 comes out later on this year ?

    • Blanco8x8

      Doesn’t it support SD cards?

      • YamiryuuZero

        You can get a 256GB SD card for 89.99 on Amazon! (https://www.amazon.com/256gb-sd-card/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A256gb%20sd%20card)

        People complain about the storage capacity of the Switch, but forget that SD technology has become quite cheap and storage values have raised a lot. Not to mention you won’t even need to install physical games, meaning you won’t need the terabytes the PS4 and XBox One need!

        I agree that 32GB is low, but we all have SD cards laying around in the house nowadays. It’s not the same situation of the Wii U with the “deluxe” set, where you need a HDD if you want to get anything online at all, it’s a much cheaper and portable storage device that is easily accessible!

        • Uncle Phil Hug

          you don’t -need- an hdd. you can just slam a usb stick in there

        • lalala

          Because sd cards are so fast and reliable right?

          • YamiryuuZero

            Yes, they are. If you’re going for a consumer grade card, they are slow, sluggish and might even bug out, but if you get a HCSD one, (I believe 32GB is the smallest version), then you’ll get a high speed, sturdy and reliable product! I bought a 32GB SD card, and both the micro SD and its adapter are sturdy and durable, not to mention the transfer speed is pretty good.

            SD cards can reach up to 10MB/s, HCSD cards can go up to 80MB/s, and the “professional” cards, which range from 128GB to 256GB, can reach up to 300MB/s.

            SD cards are like HDDs – if you get a cheap, consumer grade one, it won’t last long, but if you get one from a reliable brand and get one of their mid tier to professional tier products, it’ll be the best experience you can get from such a device!

          • Onyara O

            I don’t think the Switch’s SD Card Bus is capable of read/write speeds up to those though.

          • YamiryuuZero

            Well, we’ll have to wait and see, but you’d think the read/write speeds would be at least the same as Nintendo’s cartridges. Breath of the Wild takes up around 13 seconds to load after a game over screen; you’d expect the SD card to have similar results.

            (Here’s proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sg0JkSIyq8)

            I’d say at least 100MB/s is a good bet.

    • TheWeasel

      You can expand the memory for cheap thanks to micro SD card support.

    • I hate when people complain about internal storage……….
      use external storage.

      • cycopl

        He’s talking about the Switch version. Internal storage is kind of important on a portable device, don’t want to carry an external hard drive everywhere I go.

    • Raul Indries

      plus, it might be like all their other consoles, you buy the game, and the data stays on the game, you need not install it like ps4 and xbox one

      • Luke WalkingMoonTree

        I hope so, but my point was that people that buy only digital versions will have to spend A LOT on the Switch…

  • Blanco8x8

    That’s pretty big for a Nintendo game.

    The Wind Waker HD is 2.6GB.

    Twilight Princess HD is 4.5GB.

    • DrowningInBrownings

      Also consider that Nintendo is rather conservative with file sizes. I beliiece Super Mario 3D World was only a gig in size. This game must be massive.

      • Jason

        The Loadiine version of Super Mario 3D World is 1.61 GB…

    • Wanderlei

      Voice acting maybe take a bit of space, maybe dual jap/eng.

      • Tlink7

        Don’t get your hopes up, Nintendo likes to just use the language that your console is set to

        • Wanderlei

          They use to like region locking too, time for optimism.

          • Tlink7

            That isn’t exactly related, but feel free to be optimistic 😛

    • Uncle Phil Hug

      xenoblade’s like 20gb

  • Cavalier

    Please let it have the OG japanese audio.

    • ForeVision

      Dual Audio would be most appreciated.

      • Cavalier

        yes, yes it would

    • Travis Centers


  • Josh Harriman

    The Wii-U version better make use of the tablet controller. If they took that out to avoid making the Switch version look inferior they’re jackasses. Anyone who bought a Wii-U bought it with this game in mind. It’s what certainly finalized my decision over 2 YEARS AGO! I believe docking the Switch screen and not incorporating it into games like the Wii-U could be a fatal flaw.

    • YamiryuuZero

      Aonuma himself stated the Gamepad won’t be used in any meaningful way. His reasoning behind the decision is that it’s too distracting to take your eyes off the TV to look at the gamepad, and then go back tot he TV again.

      And he is right, the major complaints about Star Fox Zero were exactly the fact you have to keep switching focus between the two screens, and both Xenoblade X and SMTxFE were criticized for the Gamepad usage, which is mandatory even if being played with a Pro Controller.

      So, the Wii U version probably won’t make any distinct use of the Gamepad, but they’re not doing it in favor of the Switch version, they’re doing it in favor of the experience!

  • awng781

    No surprise at all.

  • Michael Cortorreal

    They make such a huge game with 13gb!?
    Wow cel shading is amazing!

  • lassenwolf

    Lol the switch used cartridges internal space means nothing just like the 3ds is cart based who knows some games may come with two carts and I’m guessing the saved data may go to the cart