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Zelda website mentions Ganondorf’s surname as Dragmire

Posted on April 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

A lot is being made today over a discovery on the official Zelda website. Tucked away in the “Online Guide” are various character profiles, including one for Ganondorf. On Ganondorf’s page, the official introduction is as follows: “Once known as the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire used the power of the Triforce to become the beast, Ganon.”

This actually isn’t new. The surname Dragmire was originally included in the North American manual for Zelda: A Link to the Past, along with his alias Mandrag Ganon.

Technically the site only reconfirms what we originally knew. On the other hand, some fans are questioning whether what’s stated is even reliable given how it doesn’t come directly from the developers. Really though this is what we have to go on for Ganondorf’s full name – which was the case nearly three decades ago as well.


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  • TDude73

    Giddity Giddity Giddity!

    • Blanco8x8


  • AquaBat

    This is an American website run by Americans mentioning something from an American manual of a Japanese game. That’s like saying Mario’s from Brooklyn because the Super Mario Bros. Super Show said so and the Mario Bros. movie confirmed it.

    • MagcargoMan

      While it was never specified to be Brooklyn, Mario Bros. (the one where you hit the floor underneath enemies) was set in New York.


      • JasonBall

        Is the original Mario Bros secretly a message about how slow Americans and our society are and how you have to hurt them to speed them up?

        • MagcargoMan


          • JasonBall

            Lol I’m just wondering if they set it there for some deeper meaning.

        • Tlink7

          Now I want to see a mod of Mario Bros where the turtles are Trumps and Mario is Obama or something

  • JasonBall

    Yeah, this new addition to the site is at least a month old. I wonder why no one noticed it.

    Also surprised they’ve added more to Ganons personal side and brought back his full human name when they just released BotW.

    • キロ

      Maybe to make up for the lack of character in that? xD

  • Chaos_Knight

    Not Quagmire?

    • awng781


  • Tlink7

    Niiiice, I’ve always loved that surname, glad to see it used more! So badass 😀

  • nekoknight

    Is the name Dragmire found anywhere in the Japanese manual for A Link to the Past? Just curious.

    • キロ

      Just checked for you, he is simply referred to as Ganon in that same passage in the Japanese manual.

      • nekoknight

        Ah, thank you!

  • Nope.
    First name Calamity.
    Last name Ganon.

  • Coonfoot

    Ganondorf: “Prepare to join your Champion buddies! You’ll wish you’d never taken on the mighty Ganondorf Dragmire!”
    Zelda: “Dragmire? Is that your last name then?”
    Ganondorf: “Err… Um, no. Of course not. But don’t you go telling anyone or I’ll sue you…”
    Link: “Whatever you say, Draggy!”
    Ganondorf: “Now die!”

  • Blanco8x8


  • This doesn’t really confirms anything for the reasons @disqus_I2TpzQLueU:disqus already said. I’ll accept both “Mandrag Ganon” and “Ganondorf Dragmire” when and only when the names appear in-game a.k.a. when the developers accept those names as canon.

  • R.Z.

    I have vague memories of seeing the name in OoT at some point, perhaps in the french version, but I really don’t feel like replaying the whole game to check.
    Maybe it was in a Smash bros. trophy description too ?