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The Legend of Zelda

The Zelda Orchestra Concert from is now available in its entirety. Remember that this was originally planned for Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo, but that event was scrapped.

Tears of the Kingdom, Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Skyward Sword, and Link’s Awakening are among the titles featured. Other songs like Zelda’s Theme were also played.

Zelda Maker Aonuma

Super Mario Maker has had two successful games, and some fans have wanted Nintendo to explore something similar for The Legend of Zelda. However, don’t expect anything on that front in the near future.

Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma spoke about the possibility in an interview with Polygon, but seemed to rule it out. While Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom have allowed for creativity through its different gameplay systems, Aonuma doesn’t feel that the actual concept of Zelda Maker would be a good fit for the franchise.

Zelda linear Eiji Aonuma

Starting with Breath of the Wild, The Legend of Zelda has moved away from the linear and traditional 3D games fans had been accustomed to since Ocarina of Time. The series is now focusing on “open air” experiences with a huge world to explore and with much more freedom. Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom have done well from both in terms of sales and reception, though some fans miss what came before.

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has now responded to some of those discussions as part of an interview with IGN. Here’s what Aonuma shared when asked how he feels about those who miss linear Zelda given where the series is at now:

Playable Zelda

Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma already shared a few words earlier this year on what it’ll take for Zelda to become playable, and he’s not commented on the possibility again.

Of course, as fans know, Link has taken the center spotlight in The Legend of Zelda even though the princess herself is often involved with the story. You can play as her in titles like Spirit Tracks and Hyrule Warriors, but that’s not exactly what some have been asking for.

Zelda timeline Hidemaro Fujibayashi

Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma, who has served as the director on Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, has shared general thoughts about the Zelda timeline and how much Nintendo thinks about it.

The timeline has long been a topic of discussion for fans, but there have been times when Nintendo has been coy about it. When asked by Game Informer how much consideration and importance Nintendo gives it, Fujibayashi said it’s “something that the development team recognizes and it considers, but to an extent.” This is because focusing on it way much can put restraints on creativity.

Zelda movie director Wes Ball

Wes Ball, the director of the upcoming movie based on The Legend of Zelda, has commented on what he’s going for with the film, saying that he’s aiming for “a live-action Miyazaki.” Hayao Miyazaki is the co-founder of Studio Ghibli and led the way on acclaimed animated films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro.

Ball spoke to EW about the project while he oversees postproduction on Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. He said his vision is “this awesome fantasy-adventure movie that isn’t like Lord of the Rings, it’s its own thing. I’ve always said, I would love to see a live-action Miyazaki. That wonder and whimsy that he brings to things, I would love to see something like that.”

Zelda movie Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto has commented further on the recently-announced live-action movie based on The Legend of Zelda. This comes as part of a Q&A session that took place during Nintendo’s financial results briefing this week.

Miyamoto previously indicated that the project has been in the works for many years, but he has since clarified that he’s been talking with Avi Arad for about ten years. He also spoke about taking the proper time to create something Nintendo is satisfied with.

Zelda live action movie

A new live-action movie for The Legend of Zelda is now in development, Nintendo just announced.

As was the case with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Shigeru Miyamoto is on board and will act as producer. Avi Arad, chairman of Arad Productions Inc., will be producing as well. Wes Ball is serving as director.

Metroid Prime 2 Zelda rumor

According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, it may not be long until we see Metroid Prime 2 Remastered, and there’ll be something else happening with Zelda before the year is over.

Grubb was speaking about what he’s heard in the latest episode of the Last of the Nintendogs podcast. Regarding Metroid Prime 2, while it will now be in HD and with modern controls, “it’s not gonna get the love and care that Metroid Prime got”.

As the director and producer respectively, Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Eiji Aonuma are two of the most important people working on the Zelda series currently and they recently finished up Tears of the Kingdom as director and producer respectively. Both have been involved with the franchise for decades at this point. Fujibayashi started out with Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages in 2001 while Aonuma has been around even longer – specifically in 1998 with Ocarina of Time.

Fujibayashi and Aonuma, speaking with RTL Nieuws, were recently asked if they’re afraid of getting “stuck” in the sense that they only continue to work on Zelda games. However, both don’t seem to view it that way.

Here’s what the two shared:

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