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3DS Ambassador program: NES games aren’t 3D classics, no price drops for DS models, more

Posted on July 28, 2011 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, News

Nintendo has provided some slight clarifications about questions you may have regarding the 3DS Ambassador program.

First off, here’s what a representative said regarding the possibility of the NES games being 3D Classics…

“These will be 2D games. They are not 3D Classics. When the NES games become available to the general public later this year, they will include additional features such as multiplayer simultaneous play. Ambassadors will then be able to download those updated version at no cost.”

Next, you might be wondering if this program means that we’ll be seeing NES and GBA titles regularly on the eShop. Naturally, Nintendo wouldn’t say…

“Beyond this offer, we have nothing more to announce at this time, although the press release does indicate that the NES games will eventually be available for sale to the public.”

Here’s one last point: Nintendo is not dropping the price of any of their DS model. That means the DS Lite will still cost $99.99, the DSi will still cost $149.99, and the DSi XL will cost $169.99.

Personally, with this price drop, I see absolutely no reason why anyone would purchase a DS over the 3DS. The 3DS can do so much more, can play practically every DS game, and will be supported for years to come (hopefully) whereas DS support is winding down.


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