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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on March 10, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Tiger Woods

– Has Wii MotionPlus
– All very happy about the game
– Exclusive on it tomorrow
– Everyone who has been hoping for great 1:1 – it’s arrived
– There’s another mode they can’t talk about
– Videos, screens tomorrow
– Grand Slam Tennis coverage this week as well


– People were complaining about the text in the review
– Gave it a 9.0
– Matt really liked the game
– The great game of the year so far on Wii
– Lived up to most of the hype
– Gorgoues game, fun to play
– Scared no one will buy the game
– Say every week how companies are watching this game, House of the Dead, will watch The Conduit
– National Institute on Media and the Family issued a press release saying they are disappointed with Nintendo


– First trailer went up yesterday
– A lot of readers are knocking the game
– Looks like Excite Trucks with robots
– IGN Nintendo team thinks it looks good
– Looks like it still keeps the core mechanics of Excite Trucks
– Coming up right around the corner (next month)

GTA: Chinatown Wars

– Craig got it today
– Has only played about an hour so far
– Will be playing it over the course of the week
– Review on Monday
– Bozon says it’s surprisingly smooth, looks great – first time he saw it in action
– Cars flip in the air with physics
– Don’t have to car-jack every car
– Has motorcycles, slow trucks, fast cars
– There is a helicopter but unclear if you can pilot it, same deal with the jet
– Angle works well

New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis

– Used to be great, not now
– Took motion controls that aren’t as good as Wii Sports Tennis and combined it with Mario Power Tennis
– Probably was a rushed job
– Controls are not consistent
– Matt bummed that Nintendo chose this game but Metroid is still in Japan
– Matt wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of the best sellers this year because of Mario, tennis, with Wii remote
– Dismantled the original control scheme – can’t play with Classic Controller

New Play Control! Pikmin

– Done pretty well
– Pointer feels really good
– Good sign of things to come for the franchise
– Matt Will recommend it in the review
– Widescreen
– Pointer feels really tight
– Already a great game that is made better
– If you’ve already played it, it’s a must-own – if you have it, it’s worth checking out again

Resident Evil event

– Event being held during the launch of Resident Evil 5
– Teased that an announcement will make Nintendo fans happy about
– Matt says “Eh”
– They know what it is already
– Daemon thinks people will be interested but don’t give your hopes up too high
– It’s not terrible, people won’t be like “WTF”
– Bozon says the hype-level is already too high
– From what they’ve heard, you can be excited for it, but don’t overhype yourselves
– Clue: Bozon will be happy

Gradius ReBirth

– Another new retro game
– Doesn’t really do anything different
– If you die you lose everything
– It’s a fun blast from the past
– Daemon gave it a 7
– People who like retro stuff should check it out
– $10 – a little too much

Mighty Flip Champs

– DSiWare game
– It’s a cool puzzle game
– Top screen – main character traverse puzzle
– Bottom screen – invert of the puzzle
– Hit a button and the screen flips – navigate through the world
– Brain goes through a seizure process in some of the levels – it’s a good thing
– Trying to get it out for launch

Avalon Code

– Daemon really liked it
– Unique action RPG
– Comes from XSEED
– Revolves around book of prophecy
– Anything you encounter in the world can be recorded, then you can mess with its properties
– Action RPG fans should check it out

Reader questions

– Cave Story should be coming out next month or May
– Lack of N64 games could be related to lack of space on Wii
– Camelot always talks about Golden Sun but they don’t have anything to show for it – but we don’t know what they’re working on now
– EA Grand Slam Tennis – Can create your own character but no Miis
– At least a variation of co-op jenga game in the new Boom Blox
– Thursday: EA Tennis with Wii MotionPlus, Tiger Woods, EA Active, a few other games at EA event
– NST still around but Matt hears that they’ve been having issues
– Codemasters may still own the rights to the original Micro Machines game – games that have a liscene attached probably won’t come out on the VC or have a premium
– Should get NPC! Pikmin even though NPC! Pikmin 2 could be on the way – NPC! Pikmin 2 not even announced for NA yet
– Bozon didn’t receive his PES review copy yet

Real Heroes: Figherfighters

– Has a terrible name
– Actually not a bad title
– It’s a FPS but put out fires
– Has squad-based stuff
– It’s a pretty good game

Henry Hatsworth

– Going to be really good
– Nintendo Team wants you to buy it
– Humor really great in the game
– Plays very well

– Didn’t post The Conduit stuff because they never got it – plan to post it later this week
– Cool video of Deadly Creatures will be up eventually
– Guy who attacked Matt over MadWorld review apologized (after Matt emailed him back) and asked for a reply back (after threatening to kill Matt’s family)

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