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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on April 13, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

– Matt did call Bozon about the game and Bozon was pissed
– Not a port, not a Wiimake
– It’s a reimagining
– Designed for Wii
– Start the game similar to the original
– Told to fill out a form for Psych Profile – lasts for rest of the game
– If you said you drink alcohol, might see a bar that’s open instead of a diner
– Character interactions, backgrounds change
– Looks very good
– Better than the flashlight in Fragile, Winter
– “Looks really damn good”
– Frame-rate holds up
– Stylized
– Matt doesn’t mind the character designs
– No weapons – Matt likes the idea
– Environments really good, dynamic, snow effects are great
– When it changes to Nightmare World, it happens dynamically
– Matt was really impressed, psyched for it
– Not bloody but will be an M rated title

Fatal Frame

– Not coming to America anytime soon
– Matt still trying to get another word from Nintendo but it has been difficult
– Reggie had said that Nintendo is not the publisher of Fatal Frame IV in North America
– “Translated” Tecmo statement: Nintendo, what the hell are you doing? We’re going to call you out and let the fans know it’s your fault, not ours
– Bozon thinks the game would need some changes before it would come out
– Would be a welcomed addition to the library even though it wouldn’t receive the best review score and would be a bit clunky/unchanged
– Real loss for the audience since it appeals to the hardcore player
– Fatal Frame wasn’t a huge seller in Japan

Dead Space: Extraction

– Craig was able to watch it
– He was pretty impressed
– As a Wii game it’s visually impressive
– Rail-shooter instead of a full-fledged third-person exploring kind of game
– Visually amazing, environments are really cool, tense situations really cool
– Put a lot of effort into storyline
– Feel like you’re an embedded soldier
– Camera bounces, feel natural
– Second player can shoot with you (not an actual secondary character)
– Craig really impressed
– Game itself looks pretty amazing on Wii
– Sound will be a key point in the game

Excitebots: Trick Racing

– More coverage today
– Confirmed there won’t be SD card support for MP3s
– No WiiSpeak support
– Indicative of what Nintendo usually does with peripherals
– Nintendo lets people do whatever they want
– Still a really awesome game
– Whole game a lot of fun – better than Excite Truck
– Controls tighter, crazier objectives
– It’s a pure video game

The Conduit

– SEGA holding event in San Francisco showing multiplayer from The Conduit tomorrow
– Impressions, screens, videos should be going up

Wii Sports Resort

– Coming out in June in Japan
– July for other territories
– No official price, haven’t said if they will release MotionPlus component earlier
– Can argue that EA supporting MotionPlus more than Nintendo at launch
– Craig thinks there will be a bundle in North America, Matt doesn’t

Rabbids Go Home

– Not a Rayman game
– All about the Rabbids
– No mini-games in the title
– Platformer adventure
– Developed by Beyond Good & Evil team
– New engine
– Matt heard a rumor that development were working on this first, then moving on to BG&E2
– More information on the game in the next month or so

PS3 outsold Wii in Japan

– PS3 in March had sales of around 146,000, Wii at 99,000
– 360 at 43,000
– IGN speculation is that Yakuza 3, Resident Evil 5 contributed to those numbers
– Iwata said Wii demand not vigorous in Japan at the moment – at unhealthy situation
– Not going to do a price cut
– Matt not especially worried

Night Game

– 2D ball rolling through environments
– Has a nice look to it
– A lot of fun to play
– Some challenging puzzles that make you think
– Has physics
– Can manipulate gravity in some situations
– Game doesn’t have a problem being too dark to see

DSi launch

– Bozon didn’t go
– Event was pretty packed
– Chatted with Cammie Dunaway
– Said she won’t talk about her snowboarding experiences
– Also said that “We hope we have something” for E3
– Iwata pumping up E3, everyone else downplaying it
– PR people should be prepped for an answer that is more interesting
– Craig wonders how hard it is for them to say “I think you’re going to be excited”
– Don’t have to say anything specific, just throw us a bone

Mixed Messages

– Craig saw it about a month ago
– Restrictive in the sense that it’s only multiplayer, one system
– It’s a riot to see how the original sentence goes to a new sentence
– More people you have, the crazier it gets
– Goes up to 21 people
– Seemed like people were interested in seeing what the result was
– Obviously only want to spend the 500 points if you have multiple players, not if you’re a single-player gamer

Mighty Flip Champs

– Coming within the “launch window” of DSi
– Bozon got to play final level, he’s really happy with it

Reader questions

– Nintendo still working on Fatal Frame IV response
– Matt/Bozon/Craig guessing Pikmin 3 for E3
– No baseball games coming out this year that supports Wii MotionPlus
– Matt wants to put up the audio chat he had with Denise Kaigler from GDC
– Matt thinks Silent Hill will be the scariest out of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, Dead Space, Silent Hill
– DSi officially doesn’t have VC games but it would be a missed opportunity – hoping it’s a big announcement for E3

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