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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on June 2, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Capcom event
– Coverage going up at 5 AM PST tomorrow
– Third-person Sci-Fi action game will be revealed

– Dull, bland
– Random that it was even remade

Toki Tori
– Awarded with an 8.0
– Good game, even at $10
– Fun – only downside is its price
– Straight up puzzle platforming

Clone Wars
– Unofficially announced
– Just for DS, Wii apparently
– Based on upcoming movie, TV series
– Bozon is sure there won’t be 1:1 controls

Tecmo Bowl
– Coming to Wii and DS
– Bozon thinks Wii version should be 2D
– A lot of customization on DS version
– Can control Tecmo Bowl with stylus or Dpad – Online Wi-Fi (DS)

Wario Land Shake
– New Wario game for Wii
– Hold Wiimote on side, shake Wiimote to pick up/throw enemies
– Traditional, came out of nowhere – coming out in July (Japan)
– We’ll probably get a WarioWare game with balance board support in the future

– Fatal Frame is also coming out in July in Japan
– Fatal Frame is a very big game that people should be excited about

Shaun White
– Wii has unique visual style – cartoonish
– Not a port of the other versions
– Focuses on Wii Balance Board
– Visuals look nice, turn balance board sideways
– Remote used for tricks

– New visuals for Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party – looks a bit like Shaun White

Summon Night: Twin Age
– 3D is sort of like Phantom Hourglass
– Real time strategy game
– Classic dungeon crawling
– Pretty good game

– First trailer of Sonic Chronicles should be coming tomorrow

Reader Questions

– Bozon will still use Wii Fit after his 30 day program, but in a different way
– Deadly Creatures preview coming shortly: Tarantula missions in the near future
– New James Bond game: Matt thinks, but can’t confirm a Wii version
– New Capcom game that will be revealed tomorrow involves puzzling & questing at the same time
– Good WiiWare projects coming that not a lot of people know about
– There are much better shooters on Wii Shop Channel + retail than Protothea (wait for Gyrostar)
– Matt thinks Wii hard drive has to happen, but devs contradict his opinion; Bozon thinks it’ll happen
– Bozon worked on chucking weapons, challenge mode for Contra 4
– More first party games, such as Wario Land, will be announced/discussed in the future – 5-10 titles by the end of the year: Matt
– Good Ubisoft support doesn’t look too good – Only a few decent titles coming from them – Ex: Rayman Raving Rabbids, rumored Prince of Persia, etc. – putting a lot of emphasis on 360 + PS3
– General salary of gaming journalists – $40,000 – $100,000 a year – depends on position + company
– Nintendo upping Wii supply on a monthly basis
– Nintendo announced, unofficially, new DS games – The DS commercials with celebrities are just a way to draw in more gamers
– Matt: Nintendo will wait until – at least – next year to announce a new portable – should be able to download new games directly to a new DS
– Matt tried to follow up the interview with more questions in Tom Prata interview (such as hard drive questions), but Nintendo said they wouldn’t be able to respond in time
– Next step for Nintendo console – know where your whole body is – get entire self into the game
– Sales figures for Okami aren’t so hot (can’t say exact numbers) – not over 100,000 sold
– Skip Lost in Blue for the Wii: Bozon
– Not sure when official Elebits 2 announcement coming
– The Conduit: Hands on impressions in the near future (not sure when this will happen yet)
– Fatal Frame 4 will be showed off at E3 most likely
– Video game play time varies for Matt at his home
– Retro Studios has multiple projects in development – will seem some stuff from Retro this year
– Brothers in Arms is still coming to Wii
– Red Steel 2 won’t be released this year, maybe shown at E3
– Matt & Bozon see Nintendogs 2 as a possibility
– LucasArts – no announcements of porting classic games to the Wii yet

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