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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on April 30, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii


– Bozon doesn’t mind how the game looks visually
– Could have been a whole lot worse
– A little simplified
– Overall game looks slick
– Didn’t see anything on MotionPlus for the game
– Matt wishes they would have gone farther with visual style
– Still excited about this version more than any other on Wii
– Have to wait and see what modes they’re keeping, changing


– It’s a pretty looking brawler
– Animations are good
– Hoping to run at 60 FPS
– Matt hasn’t seen it himself yet
– Sounds like it’ll be a basic brawler
– Putting a lot of motion in there, seems unnecessary
– Matt more psyched than he was before
– Very co-op focused

Red Steel 2

– Going to be very Wii MotionPlus heavy
– Can tell the main character is a gunslinger type
– Whole new storyline
– Weird mixture of western and modern day
– People digging the art, Matt is too
– Art looks really good
– Matt worried that it might be a Wii MotionPlus fest – need to wait and find out
– The gun controls were bad in the first game, reticule was stuttery
– Game rumored to be running at 60 FPS
– Matt + Bozon excited about the game, have their fingers crossed

Rabbids Go Home

– Matt really excited
– Not a minigame fest
– Really great artstyle, good game engine
– Funny
– Feels more like an adventure/platform game
– Weird funny scenario game
– Trigger comedy events
– No Rayman in the game
– Looks promising
– It’s basically a complete reboot

Little King’s Story

– Very much like a Pikmin kind of game
– A little lame not being able to use IR to move guys around
– Still really fun, has own comedy
– Can upgrade people into soldiers, farmers, different job classes
– Nothing “Wii” about the controls
– Tough to explain
– Graphics are a bit fuzzy
– A lot of fun to play
– Bozon likes it a lot

DK Jungle Beat

– Controls work pretty well for the most part
– Looks pretty much the same, plays pretty much the same
– Has more of a platformer element
– Matt not sure if he likes it better since he grew up playing on the bongos
– Game still looks great
– Challenges that felt more complex with bongos now feel easier
– Matt would still probably get GameCube version but it’s still an interesting platformer to check out

EA Sports games

– Tiger Woods coming with MotionPlus bundle in North America
– Grand Slam Tennis bundle in Europe
– Both coming out in June
– Disc Golf is a very cool Wii-exclusive mode in Tiger
– Wii MotionPlus makes a huge difference


– Put a lot of time into it
– It’s Punch-Out!!
– Craig loves it, Matt doesn’t love it quite as much as he does
– Thinks it’s a good game, has old-school vibe
– Interface is junk
– One font for all characters
– Cut-scenes kind of a cop out – 4 still animations
– Disco Kid is really the only character addition
– Can get to end of the game pretty quickly
– Unlock Title Defense – fight everyone again, movesets change, might need to change attack styles
– There is some replay value
– Overall the game is good, not mindblowing
– Matt dumbfounded when he heard the development team spent 2 years on the game since there isn’t a ton of content

Reader questions

– Don’t want to burn out coverage of The Conduit but Will have some coverage on the game in the future
– Sequel to Dreamcast game Matt/Bozon would like to see on Wii: Jet Grind Radio, Powerstone, Shenmue
– Haven’t done a podcast lately because Craig has been away, so the team is down a man, too busy – Will try to recover on Monday
– Matt all for the new art direction of Red Steel 2, has faith in the project – will see a lot of the game at E3
– Bozon is pretty good at Punch-Out!!
– Not much news on Retro Studios but Matt is expecting their game at E3 – Don’t know for sure – Seems like it’s time for it to show up
– Scribblenaughts news tomorrow
– Mighty Flip Champs waiting to be improved, then it’s up to Nintendo to put the game up
– Mighty Flip Champs not actually a test for Shantae on DSiWare – If DSiWare isn’t a successful business opportunity, WayForward won’t want to fund another game – If DSiWare is successful enough, Shantae is in the mix
– Don’t know anything about Moving Memo
– There will of course be some Wii games from other publishers at E3
– IGN will have an inside scoop on anything High Voltage shows at E3
– What Matt said about Mario Galaxy 2 at E3 was kind of bsed – He doesn’t really know but thinks it’s likely – Know that Galaxy was a success, can be expanded upon

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