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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on May 11, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

EA event

– Some games are embargoed like Need for Speed
– Someone else has the exclusive on that game
– Bozon says Need for Speed: Nitro is more like Need for Speed: Nicetro (It’s good)
– Matt was pleasantly surprised but can’t talk about it
– Played Grand Slam Tennis with Wii MotionPlus, updated Tiger build with disc golf, MySims

MySims Racing

– EA said they didn’t want to take a game like Mario Kart with MySims Racing, but that’s exactly what they did
– Played pretty well but it did play like Mario Kart
– No online
– Can customize MySims characters but can’t import previous characters
– Framerate a little troublesome
– If you’re a MySims fan and like Mario Kart game you’ll enjoy it
– Can save characters you create onto Wiimote, bring it to a friend’s house

MySims Agents

– It’s alright
– Adventure game mixed with MySims
– No real building aspects
– Add different furniture in levels
– More like a point and click adventure

Grand Slam Tennis

– Still really fun
– Robust online mode
– Can play a bunch of games through local multiplayer
– Bozon played with MotionPlus, it was what he expected – it works
– Only real turnoff for Bozon is that it’s not exactly the style of tennis game he likes
– Shouldn’t expect complete 1:1 but it’s good enough, feels really good

Tiger Woods

– Graphics have seen slight improvement
– New courses, new players, new online modes
– Disc golf
– Online modes extension of what was in Tiger 09
– Can play daily/weekly matches
– Also can play against pros – play against leaderboard scores with only 15 minute delay
– Disc golf mode is really good
– Pick up disc, pivot wrist, pull back arm and release
– Power, angle, wind all factored in – could be game in itself
– Calibration basically invisible

Dead Space

– Under embargo
– Craig has already played it, his thoughts were positive
– Craig had thought the game looked really good for a Wii title
– One of the prettiest, cinematic games for Wii
– Bozon excited for it
– Matt was really impressed, lightgun shooter to beat on Wii
– Done an amazing job with the camera

Multiplayer in The Conduit

– Everything worked great
– Craig isn’t very good at FPS games
– Was picking up infrared from other TVs so it was messing with his controls
– Multiplayer still really good
– Arenas are of good size
– Plenty of hallways to hide in
– Framerate chugged a bit in places but not too much
– A little big of lag, but compensated for it pretty well
– Craig likes the Bounty Hunter mode – thinks it’s a neat idea
– Can chat in lobby but need friend codes
– Should have a final version soon

Boom Blox Bash Party

– A lot like the first game
– Extension of the original
– Many more stages, level editor is better
– All about online community this time
– Will have a lot of replay value
– Won’t be offering more toolsets but maybe for the next game

Reader questions

– DSi has 4 times the memory and twice the processing power so if devs program for it, you can get games that look better than regular DS stuff
– Matt last heard that Wii Sports Resort will have 8 games
– Not too many more big titles at E3 that we don’t know of that will support MotionPlus
– Sometimes can play Nintendo games early before Nintendo announces them, but it’s rare…Happening tomorrow though
– Trying to finish Cave Story as fast as possible without sacrificing quality
– The next Nintendo peripheral is the pedometer for Personal Trainer: Walking
– NPC! Metroid Prime/Prime 2 will probably be announced at E3, otherwise will be quietly announced
– Haven’t heard a whole lot about major things about E3 from Nintendo, do know what High Voltage is up to
– Boom Blox Bash Party worth it if you have the original
– Games don’t look as good as Mario Galaxy because developers are lazy or incompetent, not all dev teams are good as Nintendo, etc.
– Excite Trucks still worth a rent if you have Excitebots
– Matt personally thinks there will be a Wii version of Modern Warefare 2, Bozon thinks probably

Make sure to listen to the full podcast, which has an interview with Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis.

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