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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on June 29, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Wii Sports Resort

– It’ll sell a lot
– They’ve all had a chance to play it
– Only 1 or 2 duds
– Craig doesn’t like cycling
– Just sit there and drum the controllers for cycling
– Some games clearly not MotionPlus
– Airplane game probably not using the attachment (if it does, probably for the hell of it)
– The airplane game still feels good…Makes Craig want Pilotwings
– Have noticed a lot of drift – As you’re playing it gets out of calibration
– Can push down on d-pad with sword fighting for calibration – Not ideal
– Weird that this is sort of the revision 2 of the Wiimote and we still have to deal with these issues
– Don’t have as much control in frisbee golf compared to the dog-throwing mode
– Matt really enjoying archery – gives you a really long range (depth) to the course – Get a taste, then you wish it isn’t as shallow
– Wind should play a bigger factor in archery
– Wii Sports Bowling is the same game

Wii Sports Resort games in general/games Nintendo Team doesn’t like

– Wake-boarding – not much too it, Craig convinced it’s not MotionPlus at all
– Basketball mode, since it seems it’s about timing
– Power-cruising (Bozon) – felt it just feels like tilt to move, revving your wrist a lot
– Canoeing – Craig likes it, only good when you’re playing with other people
– Cycling – Not very good, just drum the controller and tilt
– Bozon doesn’t like airsports, Bozon/Craig do – Matt not a timer on the exploration mode
– Like archery, frisbee stuff, swordfighting, table tennis (controls are great, still very timing based) – bowling/golf are marginal updates
– Tiger has better putting than in Wii Sports Resort golf

The Conduit

– Gave it an 8.6/10
– Misspelled Matt’s name in the credits
– Liked the game, thought it was pretty good
– Good shooter, problem with it is that it doesn’t feel new at all
– Doesn’t push the genre forward other than controls
– Felt like Perfect Dark – straightforward FPS, couldn’t knock it for that because he still had a lot of fun
– Intense, controlled well
– Frame rate online dips but still a lot of fun
– Not the greatest FPS of all time but still a damn good one
– Nintendo Team is aware of the reviews that Wii owners have been complaining about
– Online mode is a big deal for Wii, people are having a lot of fun

Overlord Dark Legend

– 7.5
– Had a lot of potential
– Visuals were getting there
– Framey, had slowdown and camera issues
– A lot of good stuff but there were times where tech was holding it back
– Storyline was funny
– Controls well done
– Frame rate is a killer, it got in the way of gameplay
– Minion AI very dumb sometimes

Harry Potter

– More of the same
– EA hasn’t used the added time to make the game better
– Can tell it’s been shelved for awhile
– Dev team has immersed you into Hogwarts, feel like you’re a part of the school
– Flying stuff is pretty good – simple but cool
– Story crudely composed – cut-scenes clip, animation stiff, lip-syncing off
– Nearly Headless Nick will guide you around – funny and a great guide
– Harry Potter controls like a tank
– Overall Matt had fun of the game, it’s a good update but not anything amazing
– If you’re a Potter fan you’ll probably like it, if not it won’t draw you in
– Review tomorrow
– Hoping next year’s version will use MotionPlus
– Matt thinks EA needs to rethink their approach to the series and make a Wii-exclusive game which takes advantage of the system

Renegade Kid

– Got quick preview of Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds
– Interesting since it’s their attempt at a different genre
– It’s a 3D platformer
– Has a lot in common with Super Mario Sunshine
– Max’s main gadget is his water pack
– Shoot water at mud characters
– Demo was very, very short (1-2 mins)
– Controlled pretty well
– Hold L or R button to go into first-person, control view point and gun by aiming with d-pad, aim with a face button
– Can also use touch screen for camera view
– Engine’s good
– Very early in development
– Has a lot of potential
– Could be retail or DSiWare release – Haven’t made a decision yet

Flower, Sun, and Rain

– Pretty cool
– Biggest problem is that it’s very obscure and strange
– Old game from PS2
– Puzzles are tough to figure out
– Feels kind of dated
– Probably will frustrate more than it pulls people in
– Gave it a 5.0

Overlord Minions

– Craig liked what they did for the DS version
– Follow the minions instead of the overlord
– 4 different minions, have their own abilities
– What wrecks the game is some of the most insensitive touch screen controls you could possibly have in this kind of game
– Controls like Phantom Hourglass – Control characters with stylus but then you have gesture controls too (work only about 50% of the time)
– Very frustrating experience
– Some clever puzzles
– Craig couldn’t get over touch screen controls
– Not shovelware but didn’t produce good-controlling game

Transformers (DS)

– Better than the original, better than the console versions
– Still has its problems
– Well-produced
– Gave it a 7.0
– Have voice-acting
– Don’t play direct with people online – Download a mission, play it, upload your score, depending on whether you’re an autobot or decepticon, mark that place on the map and take over the world
– Online is kind of like a weird version of Risk

Reader questions

– FPS on dual thumb stick feels archaic but still haven’t seen anyone that just locks the cursor in the center of the screen
– Bozon and Matt would recommend Tiger Woods MotionPlus bundle over Wii Sports Resort, but if you’re not a golf fan you should buy Wii Sports Resort
– Have no idea how well The Conduit sold – Matt has an interview with marketing director of SEGA about their sales projections – Will be tracking the game closely
– Predictions for The Conduit for the end of the year – 250K – 300K for Bozon, Matt agreed with it – Matt optimistically HOPING for above 500K – Probably 250,000…Matt doesn’t think that’s enough for a sequel
– Not sure what’s going on with Orbital Media or Racing Gears DS, will try to find out
– Guys handling Rock Band 2 DLC delay juggling a lot of stuff
– Little King’s Story better than Overlord, but don’t have cursor control, still really fun

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