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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on July 6, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Sky Crawlers

– Coming to America courtesy of XSEED
– Also bringing over Fragile
– Should buy their games and support the company if you’re been complaining about these types of games not coming
– They’ll go out of business if we don’t buy their games
– Matt, Bozon likes Fragile despite shortcomings
– Sky Crawlers looks cool too
– Got good reviews in Japan
– Happy they’re bringing Sky Crawlers over

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

– New trailer posted
– Bozon loves the game, will be playing the game this week
– It’s what you expect from the first one
– Bozon not a fan of the shaky cam
– A lot of stuff hoping the team will get in
– Hope they make a difference between when shaky cam comes in for cinematic feel and when it comes in for gunplay
– Cautiously optimistic, Matt has a feeling the game will come together
– Also seeing Spyborgs

– Dead Space trailer up
– Showed Madden footage last week

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up

– Multiplayer footage on the site
– Uninterrupted gameplay footage
– Some people on the forums want the ability to turn off glow for the characters

Top 25 best Wii games article

– Made some updates to the list
– PES updated for the latest game
– MadWorld on the list – Matt really enjoyed it
– Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 made the last – best sports game Matt has played this generation, maybe the best sports game Bozon has ever played
– Excitebots: Trick Racing, didn’t remove Excite Truck – Would recommended Excitebots over Excite Truck though
– Added The Conduit – Matt just happened to like the game, great multiplayer title
– Punch-Out!! – Still a really good game despite the fact it’s just Punch-Out!! again
– Some controversial ones – No More Heroes on the list even with 7.8 score

Top 25 DS games

– List created late last year, wasn’t much to add this year
– GTA: Chinatown Wars made the list
– Bumped down Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
– Bowser’s Inside Story will probably be a better game
– Henry Hatsworth didn’t get the love, neither did Rhythm Heaven – both were considered
– New Super Mario Bros. the #1 title
– Tetris, World Ends With You also on the list
– Craig thinks there are many more great DS games than Wii games

WiiWare list

– My Life as a King, LIT weren’t on there
– Bozon wanted Art Style: Cubello on the list
– World of Goo, LostWinds, Mega Man 9, Art Style: Orbient, Bomberman, Toki Tori, Swords & Soldiers, Strongbad, Defend your Castle on the list
– Kept the list at 15

Suda 51

– Said next No More Heroes won’t be coming to Wii
– Going to greener pastures
– No big secret, already exploring other platforms
– Could also mean that by the time the next game comes around, it could come to Wii 2
– Before you know it he’ll have something else for the Wii or DS
– He’s really into Natal

– Let’s Tap, Resident Evil Archives (basically just a GameCube game) reviews coming
– Hoping to put up new The Grinder footage tomorrow – shows off some stuff they’ve added since E3 – behind the scenes changes – some stuff that will make playing even by yourself more enjoyable

Anime Expo

– Tatsunoko vs. Capcom booth was there, a lot of people were playing it
– Naruto Clash of Revolution 3 at the convention – new trailer up – more of the same but still very cool and with Wi-Fi

Devil Survivor

– Atlus had a big booth for the game at the Anime convention
– Gave it an 8.7
– It’s awesome
– If you’re in to Shin Megami Tensei, you should pick it up

Treasure World

– Craig did a review last week
– Weird little collection game
– Sniffs out Wi-Fi signals
– Set up the system, close it, then picks up Wi-Fi spots and turns it into a treasure
– Made a cool website, Facebook style, to show off your collection
– Not too much to the actual game which is why Craig gave it a 7.5
– Craig recommends it, very innovative

WiiWare/DSiWare updates

– DSiWare: ArtStyle: Base 10 – Touch all the numbers that add up to 10, Craig didn’t like it much when he played the Japanese version but will download it tonight
– WiiWare: Bit.Trip Core – Music based shooter in a way – Bozon thinks Bit.Trip Beat still better – also still fun – devs looking into leaderboards, might do it retroactively

Reader questions

– Matt hasn’t had time with the retail copy of Sky Crawlers (Japan) – Bozon wants to do import coverage
– TMNT: Smash-Up doesn’t look as bad as it appears in videos – actually looks pretty nice – sewer area looks cool, character models are good – Smash Bros. looks better
– Drift won’t really happen in Red Steel 2, also pointing at the screen a lot so could be recalibrating secretly – Not 1:1 either
– Matt a big sucker for frame rate in certain types of games
– Doesn’t look like the Wii will be seeing a Metal Gear game anytime soon but wouldn’t rule it out completely, maybe we’ll get an old game
– Have to write for several audiences in reviews which is why there are statements such as “If Wii is your only console…” – when you’re reviewing something it’s about context and comparing it to something else
– Official HD Wii hasn’t been announced, there’s been speculation, it’s common sense, Matt thinks it’s inevitable
– Animales de la Muerte hasn’t been scrapped but in some sort of werid state of purgatory – High Voltage didn’t know what to do with the game
– For WiiWare, Matt recommends starting with World of Goo, LostWinds, Tetris Party for WiiWare
– The Conduit vs. The Grinder in this stage of development – looks nicer, multiplayer ideas sound more ambitious – First impression of The Grinder is that it’s original, looks promising, already more superior than The Conduit, online mode will be much improved – More optimistic about The Grinder than they were for The Conduit

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