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Complete rundown of changes in Metroid Prime 1/2 for Metroid Prime Trilogy

Posted on August 19, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

We already know about a few of the changes in Metroid Prime 1/2 for Metroid Prime Trilogy, but the developers of the series provided a full rundown in a recent developer’s voice interview.

“Just a tremendous upgrade as far as the fluidity of the controls, the HUD’s a little bit different,
the reticule is different as it relates to how you target your enemies now, lock-on’s a little bit different.” – Michael Kelbaugh, Executive Producer/President & CEO

“The biggest impact is that player’s see more of the art and intricate design that we put into the levels.” – Mike Wikan, Senior Designer

“We’ve gone in and surgically repaired textures with higher resolution versions.” – Mike Wikan, Senior Designer

“There were some parts where it was a bit slow…” – Risa Tabata, Assistant Producer

“…And where before you would have to wait for doors to open, the wait time is a lot shorter.” – Kensuke Tanabe, Producer

“We looked at a few of the bosses and made small refinements to those encounters.” – Mike Wikan, Senior Designer

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