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New NE contest: Scribblenauts

Posted on October 4, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, Site updates

Second note from Valay: I’m going to be bumping this to the front page each night so that everyone has a chance to find out about this contest!

Note from Valay: Just wanted to let you all know that Austin will be handling this contest for the most part. I’m still going to have an active role, but Austin was the one who came up with the idea for the whole thing. The first challenge will be posted next week, as it mentioned at the end of the post. Next week we’ll let you know which email to send the entries to.

Scribblenauts – How creative are YOU?

A little game with a big vocabulary challenges your imagination. We’re here to do the same.

Scribblenauts released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s no surprise to anyone that the game was an instant hit. My local Toys R Us sold out within 10 minutes of getting the first shipment, and I’ve heard countless other stories of similar cases across the country. The reason for this is simple: It’s one of the only games that truly challenges a player’s imagination with nearly limitless possibilities, from animals to objects to weapons and buildings. This provides gamers with an almost impossibly large amount of options when it come to solving a puzzle in the game, and we at Nintendo Everything want to challenge our readers, readers of other sites, and world-wide fans of Scribblenauts to put their skills to the test.

Starting Sunday, October 11th, Nintendo Everything will be testing your skills every other week by providing a single level from the game for all of you to solve in the most creative, ridiculous way possible. After you think you’ve mastered your imagination and come up with the most original idea you can, e-mail me your solution and it’ll be matched up against all the other entries in a clash of creativity so big that 5th Cell themselves won’t be able to fathom it!

The Entry Form:

Name you’d like to be credited as:

Submission: [Here, write out exactly how you solved the level. Be sure to be as clear as possible and describe everything in detail.]

All solutions will be checked in-game to make sure there is no cutting corners. Any solution that cannot be recreated by myself or Valay will automatically be disqualified. If you win, your name and solution will be posted on the main site, and each winner will be entered in a drawing for prizes at the end of every other month. Prizes will be decided on a month-by-month basis, but will generally either be a free WiiWare/Virtual Console game or gaming SWAG (provided we can dig some up for you guys!) Unfortunately, prizes can only be awarded to USA/Canada readers for now when it comes to WiiWare/VC prizes, but we strongly encourage anyone to submit an entry!

Get your ideas ready! The first challenge will be posted next Sunday!

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