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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

Posted on January 12, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii


– Bozon liked it – Gave the game an 8.5
– Runs 60 FPS, looks beautiful, technically awesome
– A lot of exploration
– Remote access droid is pretty cool
– Only downside is that you shoot at a lot of floating robots – Become repetitive – Worlds look the same
– Still a really fun game – pretty rewarding
– Seems to be inspired my Metroid
– Story neat as well
– Bozon thinks best FPS on DS is still Metroid Prime Hunters
– Hope to get news on Wii game soon

Call of Duty: World at War (DS)

– Bozon gave it a good review – 8.3
– Has online
– WWII has been overdone
– Matt heard that World at War hasn’t been selling so well on Nintendo platforms

Personal Trainer: Math

– Not fun
– Seems like math questions from Brain Age pulled out and expanded into this game
– No real minigames that are fun
– Just do math programs and you’ll get better at them
– Strange because Personal Trainer: Cooking was incredible
– Matt wonders if Carrie Underwood will like it
– Well developed, but again, just not fun


– Has been around for a few years now
– No online for the DS version
– Go against computer times, still track creator and some cool challenges
– There is local multiplayer
– Track editor same as it is on the PC

Jungle Speed and Planet Pachinko (WiiWare)

– Bozon has had his hands full with Sandy Beach
– Jungle Speed apparently based on card game
– Castlevania III on VC as well – Bozon says it’s awesome

– Guitar Hero III the first one game to pass $1 billion in sales
– Matt “saw” MySims Party at CES – Mini-games with MySims characters

Trivial Pursuit

– Use Wiimote to select pieces on the board
– All timing based
– Like a quiz game
– Matt says it’s very very casual

Scrabble (DS)

– Works very well
– Was fun
– Not sure if the game will have online – doesn’t look like it

– Not a whole lot of Wii software at CES
– Matt got a tip about a release date for DSi (unconfirmed), much earlier than what a lot of people would think
– Some speculation about Wii sales for December at 3 million


– Namco Bandai announced Klonoa for Wii heading to North America
– Bozon, Craig like Klonoa
– Matt likes the style of the Wii game
– Media coming in the near future
– Matt chatted with Namco about Fragile and Sky Crawlers – Don’t expect Sky Crawlers this year or possibly ever – Did not have anything to say about Fragile for this year – Maybe someone other than Namco will publish it

Reader questions

– Unsure if Ubisoft will make a new Rayman game (not Raving Rabbids)
– New true Pokemon RPG on the DS? They could, Platinum hasn’t even released yet – Craig says yes
– Thoughts on adding warning to video games? If it doesn’t affect the content, Craig doesn’t care. Matt doesn’t really seem to mind.
– MadWorld hands-on soon? Craig has played it, can’t write about it for a couple of days – Matt will be very excited to review MadWorld – Bozon can’t wait
– Factor 5 situation? Matt doesn’t know what’s going on, Matt tried contacting them over the holiday – service to the company still works – Might be an opportunity for Nintendo to buy Factor 5, make the company internal – There’s something up obviously since Matt hasn’t received any replies
– 2009 – year of the Wii? – Matt fully expects to hear news of Mario and Zelda at this year’s E3 – Mario might be this year if it’s Mario Galaxy 2 – 2009 will be a much stronger year for Wii than last year
– Opinions on EGM/1UP? – It’s bad news – just trying to make a living and now have to find new jobs – Matt feels like magazines are beginning to show their age
– Re-review of Rygar? Wasn’t delayed for dev. reasons, decided to delay it due to rush of games – Probably won’t review it again
– Smaller devs on WiiWare sales? Matt has talked with a few people that weren’t too pleased with sales – World of Goo, Tetris Party will probably sell well – Nintendo still needs to let people know about WiiWare
– Matt can’t say which title (though it’s already been announced), but a third party which has a major online game on the way are not going to use friend codes
– The Conduit online multiplayer mode? Matt will be able to test it soon
– What’s next for de Blob team? Everyone’s been watching de Blob to see how it will perform – Matt hopes they will do de Blob 2
– Why no DLC for Rock Band II yet? Daemon has been trying to find out, no one is communicating with him – Might be the same thing that happened with Guitar Hero where Nintendo has to approve
– How long is Moon? About 15 hours – In-game clock at around 12 hours
– When can we expect news about Madden 2010? Team probably at alpha already, maybe a couple of months
– Updated impressions on House of the Dead: Overkill? New build from SEGA tomorrow – Will go hands on with levels 4 + 5
– Matt brings up the dark game they’ve been talking about in the past – Will have something next week on it – Not in development really anymore – couldn’t find a publisher, no one wanted to take a gamble – not the second coming, but it’s a cool concept – technology will impress some people

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