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More GTA: Chinatown Wars details

Posted on January 19, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

A few old, a few new details:

– Already complete, just polishing the game/looking for bugs
– Contains more lines of code than San Andreas, dev team is twice the size that worked on PS GTA gamed
– PDA shows minimap – very similar to GTAIV’s
– Can also access emails, main map, Ammu-nation from PDA
– Weapons chain now is an online store that delivers good to your safehouse
– Safehouse similar to previous GTA games – displays trophies/see online leaderboards
– Select weapons from PDA
– Grenades/Mototovs thrown by touching icon + dragging out in the direction you wish to aim
– There will be minigames including safe-cracking, stealing a parked car, paying bridge tolls, rooting through rubbish in red dumpsters (for weapon caches)


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