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Ace Attorney anime will delve more into Phoenix’s past

Posted on March 30, 2016 by in News

In an interview with 4Gamer, some of the cast and crew of the upcoming Phoenix Wright anime gave more details on the upcoming show. Director Ayumi Watanabe and main game developer Shu Takumi teased that there will be a section of the show that shows Phoenix’s past, based on lines dropped in the first game.

Some other notes from the interview (translated courtesy of Court-Records member Ash):

-Yuki Kaji (Phoenix’s voice actor) was a fan of the games before landing the part
-Both Kaji and Aoi Yuki (Maya’s voice actress) were eager to say the iconic “Objection!”
-This is the first regular role for Masashi Tamaki (Miles Edgeworth’s voice actor)
-Tamaki first tried to do a realistic voice for Edgeworth, but was told to make it more pretention
-Director Watanabe thought the games had already been made into an anime before joining the project
-Developer Shu Takumi sees the series as a “destiny”, since the original game was set in 2016
-Takumi was originally going to leave the series in the hands of the animation team, but was convinced to take a more active role
-Anime will contain many direct references to the games, including using the music

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