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Ace Attorney

One could say that the Ace Attorney series has seen a slight resurgence over the past few years. Capcom shipped Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on Switch in 2019, followed by The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles in 2021 (which were localized for the first time). Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is also coming out very soon.

The good news is that Capcom won’t be abandoning the Ace Attorney series anytime soon. In an interview with 4Gamer, Kenichi Hashimoto – who most recently served as producer for the Apollo Justice re-release – said that the franchise “won’t be stopping”.

Ace Attorney Apollo Justice and Maya Fey Nendoroids

Good Smile has provided an update on the Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice and Maya Fey Nendoroids with the company giving out a release date and new photos – plus pre-orders just opened today.

The Apollo Justice figure features the smiling face, serious face, and shocked face. Optional parts include a desk, documents, text plates, and other optional parts for different poses. Maya’s face plates are the energetic face, proud face and surprised face while the optional parts are “victory” paper, witness stand, detention center illustration sheet, and other optional parts for different poses. Both also include a stand since they don’t balance on their own.

ace attorney best cases

Japanese magazine Famitsu recently conducted an online survey pertaining to the Ace Attorney series, with fans asked to vote on topics like the best characters and cases. This comes in celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary. A total of 1,394 responses were recorded.

Below are the notable excerpts from the survey:

20 years ago today in Japan, the first game in the visual novel series Ace Attorney, launched for Game Boy Advance. Since then, the series has seen sequels, ports, and even an anime. As of March 31, 2021, the game series has sold 8.1 million units worldwide and keeps gaining traction in the West. Check view the new anniversary website here, where you’ll find a greeting and interesting tidbits in Japanese along with wonderful series art that anyone can enjoy.

For those who may be curious about the game, you can see a short overview and a few pictures for the Ace Attorney Trilogy, which features ports of the first three games to the Nintendo Switch, after the break. Alternatively, you can take a look at our full review of the title here for a more in-depth look at this light-hearted court room experience.

Fans have long been waiting for the possibility of Capcom localizing The Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2. Based on today’s major Capcom leaks, although there hasn’t been an official announcement, it seems as though it could finally be happening.

That’s not all for Ace Attorney though. A new slide has been making the rounds – which is also apparently stemming from the Capcom leaks – regarding other plans for the series. The big news is that Ace Attorney 7 is in development and we may see another collection for the franchise.

Here’s the full roundup of tidbits:

Earlier today, Capcom put up a new blog post straight from Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi. Takumi discussed bringing the series to new platforms (including Switch) and reflected on those original games he worked on.

Here’s the full write-up:

First 4 Figures has given a first look at a new Phoenix Wright statue based on the character’s appearance in Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. Check it out in the video below.

The Phoenix Wright statue goes up for pre-order on November 23. We’ll update this post when reservations go live.

Capcom is porting the first three Ace Attorney games to Switch in addition to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam, the company revealed at the Tokyo Game Show today. This will be released as Ace Attorney 1-2-3 in Japan, which is likely to be called the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy in the west.

Here’s the first trailer:

Capcom has confirmed a notable presence for Ace Attorney at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. A panel will be held on September 22, lasting roughly 40 minutes. Ace Attorney series producer Motohide Eshiro and game designer Shinsuke Kodama will be present.

Expect the panel to start at the following times:

A new update has been provided on the Ace Attorney anime. The next season will kick off on October 6 in Japan, with the first episode adapting “The Lost Turnabout”. This episode was previously skipped over in the first season.

Along with the latest news, the new key visual has been shown. We’ve attached the photo above.


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