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AI: The Somnium Files details and screenshots – Somnium Parts, ABIS members

Posted on April 12, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

AI: The Somnium Files

Famitsu has posted a new batch of screenshots and details for AI: The Somnium Files. The latest update covers the game’s Somnium Parts and the characters from the ABIS unit of the metropolitan police department. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Somnium Parts

– Play as a detective in a special section of the police department, who is on the case of a mysterious serial killer
– Go back and forth between “Investigation Parts,” which are set in the real world, and “Somnium Parts,” which are set in the dream worlds of suspects
– The facts behind the case will gradually come to light
– In the dream world-set Somnium Parts, the goal is to search for clues to the investigation in the suspect’s dreams
– Find clues by solving the “Mental Locks” blocking the way, and sink deeper into the suspect’s “subconscious” to find the truth
– Point 1. Psync Device: A Device That Allows You to Enter Dream Worlds: by setting the target person and yourself, then booting up the device, Psync allows you to enter the target person’s dreams (brain)
– Point 2. Solve the Puzzles in Somnium within Six Minutes: you will only have six minutes in the target person’s dream world. You must solve the puzzles before their mind collapses
– Point 3. Mental Lock: there are several Mental Locks, or obstacles that block the target person from recalling clues to the investigation, that you must overcome. Solve all of the Mental Locks in order to obtain the clues
– During Somnium Parts, you will examine objects of interest, then choose an action for that object
– Each choice takes up a certain amount of time, so you must make decisions carefully in order to accomplish your goal within the six-minute time limit
– Point 4. Multiple Endings Determined by Route: the story of AI: The Somnium Files has multiple endings; there are a large number of branching routes, and the end of the story is completely different for each route; only by clearing each route and seeing everything from multiple points of view will you be able to get the full picture of the case
– Ex: if you heal Mizuki’s loss of speech, you will be able to get new evidence; but if you are unable to heal Mizuki, Iris will end up in danger?
– For Somnium Parts, the world is completely different for each target you investigate

Kaname Date

– A police officer of ABIS, the Advanced Brain Investigation Section of the metropolitan police department
– Using the Psync device, he has the power to slip into the memories of suspects and key witnesses
– Six years prior to the events of the game, he lost his left eye, and in its place now has an artificial eye (AI-Ball) equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence

Aibo (Official Name: AI-Ball)

– While Aibo is usually in Date’s left eye, it leaves his eye and moves around at places such as his home
– When entering dreams using the Psync device, it takes on the form of a lovely girl
– As it is linked with Date’s consciousness and brain, it acts as Date’s avatar in the dream worlds


– Date’s superior and commander of ABIS
– She and Date are old friends
– While she pretends to be an easy-going optimist whose comments change from day to day, she is actually a cunning tactician


– An ABIS engineer and genius mechanic. He handles control and regulations for the Psync device
– As Pewter is the creator of Aibo, her personality reflects his own tastes

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