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AI: The Somnium Files

Two days ago, we reported on the release date delay of AI: The Somnium Files. Previously slated for July 25, the game will now launch on September 17 in North America. Today, Spike Chunsoft revealed the updated release date for Europe: there, the game will be available on September 20.

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Spike Chunsoft has prepared a five-minute gameplay video for AI: The Somnium Files. Have a look at the footage below.

AI: The Somnium Files won’t be making its original release date. The game has been pushed back to September 17 in North America, Spike Chunsoft has announced.

“We deeply apologize for the change, but we would like to assure the community that it was necessary to ensure the best product possible,” Spike Chunsoft said in today’s announcement. “We know our fans are eagerly anticipating this title, and we will continue to strive to meet your expectations.”

AI: The Somnium Files was originally on track for July 25.

Source: Spike Chunsoft PR

Spike Chunsoft released another mysterious AI: The Somnium Files video, starring the virtual idol A-set:

AI: The Somnium Files will be released on Nintendo Switch on July 25.


Famitsu has posted a new batch of screenshots and details for AI: The Somnium Files. The latest update covers the game’s Somnium Parts and the characters from the ABIS unit of the metropolitan police department. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.

A-set, the virtual idol and star of the upcoming AI: The Somnium Files is back with another mysterious video. This time, she’s exploring someone else’s dream:

AI: The Somnium Files will launch on Nintendo Switch on July 25.

AI: The Somnium Files, the latest game from Kotaro Uchikoshi, is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 25th. Today, 4Gamer detailed some of the characters found in this mystery adventure game, in addition to releasing a bunch of new screenshots, which you can find below (credit to Perfectly Nintendo for the translation):

Iris Sagan: a 18 year-old high-school girl, and a net idol. A really cheerfuly and bright girl, who is really curious about scary things. She’s become quite famous on the internet as A-set, a net idol. Her nickname is Tessa.

Mizuki Okiura: a 12 year-old elementary school student. She lives with the protagonist, who happens to a friend of her father.

Retailers have started taking pre-orders for the newly-unveiled AI: The Somnium Files Special Agent Edition. Amazon currently has it here. The package includes an A-set acrylic stand, outer box with original artwork by character designer Yusuke Kozaki, THOUGHTS REMaiN BELOW artbook, REVERIES IN THE RaiN Soundtrack, and A-set’s #1 Fan stickers.

AI: The Somnium Files Special Agent Edition launches July 25.