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All Tattle Log entries in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Posted on May 28, 2024 by in Guides, Switch

tattle log Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

One of the 100% completion requirements for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is fully finishing the Tattle Log. You can access the log by pressing the + button and then going to the Journal section of this menu. All in all, there are 134 entries in this game’s Tattle Log. Some of the enemies are rather tricky, so we’ve put together a list of every single enemy in the game plus where to find them. There are technically spoilers here for secret bosses (and final bosses), so be warned before you continue.

All Tattle Log entries

Tattle Log List

There are plenty of one-time only enemies in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. If you happen to battle one of these foes but forget to Tattle them, go to Professor Frankly’s house and check the trash can. You will find Tattle Log entries for every missable opponent, one by one. This means you can fully complete the game even if you missed out on tattling major bosses! We’ve organized the list of Tattle Log entries by Type, so you should be able to easily compare this list to the one in your game. Best of luck!

  1. Goomba (Various Locations)
  2. Paragoomba (Various Locations)
  3. Spiky Goomba (Various Locations)
  4. Hyper Goomba (Twilight Trail)
  5. Hyper Paragoomba (Twilight Trail)
  6. Hyper Spiky Goomba (Twilight Trail)
  7. Gloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
  8. Paragloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
  9. Spiky Gloomba (Pit of 100 Trials)
  10. Goomboard (Tattle one of these guys while training with the purple Battle Master Toad)
  11. Koopa Troopa (Shhwonk Fortress)
  12. Paratroopa (Hooktail Castle)
  13. KP Koopa (Glitz Pit)
  14. KP Paratroopa (Glitz Pit)
  15. Shady Koopa (Glitz Pit)
  16. Shady Paratroopa (Glitz Pit)
  17. Dark Koopa (Pit of 100 Trials)
  18. Dark Paratroopa (Pit of 100 Trials)
  19. Koopatrol (Rogueport Underground)
  20. Dark Koopatrol (Glitz Pit)
  21. Dull Bones (Hooktail Castle)
  22. Red Bones (Hooktail Castle)
  23. Dry Bones (Palace of Shadow)
  24. Dark Bones (Palace of Shadow)
  25. Hammer Bro (Glitz Pit)
  26. Boomerang Bro (Glitz Pit)
  27. Fire Bro (Glitz Pit)
  28. Lakitu (Pit of 100 Trials)
  29. Dark Lakitu (Pit of 100 Trials)
  30. Spiny (Glitz Pit)
  31. Sky-Blue Spiny (Pit of 100 Trials, thrown by Dark Lakitu)
  32. Buzzy Beetle (Creepy Steeple)
  33. Spike Top (Creepy Steeple)
  34. Parabuzzy (Pirate’s Grotto)
  35. Spiky Parabuzzy (Riverside Station)
  36. Red Spike Top (Glitz Pit)
  37. Magikoopa (Rogueport Underground)
  38. Red Magikoopa (Glitz Pit)
  39. White Magikoopa (Glitz Pit)
  40. Green Magikoopa (Glitz Pit)
  41. Kammy Koopa (Palace of Shadow)
  42. Bowser (Glitz Pit)
  43. Bowser (Palace of Shadows, these are two separate entries)
  44. Gus (Rogueport)
  45. Dark Craw (Glitz Pit)
  46. Bandit (Glitz Pit)
  47. Big Bandit (Glitz Pit)
  48. Badge Bandit (Pit of 100 Trials)
  49. Spinia (Rogueport Underground)
  50. Spania (Rogueport Underground)
  51. Spunia (Rogueport Underground)
  52. Fuzzy (Pit of 100 Trials)
  53. Gold Fuzzy (Shhwonk Fortress)
  54. Fuzzy Horde (Shhwonk Fortress)
  55. Green Fuzzy (Glitz Pit)
  56. Flower Fuzzy (Glitz Pit)
  57. Pokey (Pit of 100 Trials)
  58. Poison Pokey (Riverside Station)
  59. Pale Piranha (Boggly Woods)
  60. Putrid Piranha (Keelhaul Key)
  61. Frost Piranha (Path to Fahr Outpost)
  62. Piranha Plant (Pit of 100 Trials)
  63. Crazee Dayzee (Twilight Trail)
  64. Amazy Dayzee (Twilight Trail)
  65. Pider (The Great Tree)
  66. Arantula (Pit of 100 Trials)
  67. Swooper (Creepy Steeple)
  68. Swoopula (Palace of Shadow)
  69. Swampire (Pit of 100 Trials)
  70. Dark Puff (Boggly Woods)
  71. Ruff Puff (Riverside Station)
  72. Ice Puff (Path to Fahr Outpost)
  73. Poison Puff (Pit of 100 Trials)
  74. Boo (Creepy Steeple)
  75. Atomic Boo (Creepy Steeple)
  76. Dark Boo (Poshley Sanctum)
  77. Ember (Keelhaul Key)
  78. Lava Bubble (Pirate’s Grotto)
  79. Phantom Ember (Palace of Shadow)
  80. Bald Cleft (Shhwonk Fortress)
  81. Hyper Bald Cleft (Glitz Pit)
  82. Cleft (Boggly Woods)
  83. Iron Cleft (Glitz Pit)
  84. Iron Cleft (Glitz Pit, there are two “brothers” to Tattle here, hence two entries)
  85. Hyper Cleft (Twilight Trail)
  86. Moon Cleft (The Moon)
  87. Bristle (Glitz Pit)
  88. Dark Bristle (Pit of 100 Trials)
  89. Bob-omb (Glitz Pit)
  90. Bulky Bob-omb (Pirate’s Grotto)
  91. Bob-ulk (Pit of 100 Trials)
  92. Chain Chomp (Palace of Shadow)
  93. Red Chomp (Glitz Pit)
  94. Bill Blaster (Pirate’s Grotto)
  95. Bullet Bill (Pirate’s Grotto)
  96. Bombshell Bill Blaster (Palace of Shadow)
  97. Bombshell Bill (Palace of Shadow)
  98. Dark Wizzerd (Palace of Shadow)
  99. Wizzerd (Pit of 100 Trials)
  100. Elite Wizzerd (Pit of 100 Trials)
  101. Blooper (Rogueport Underground)
  102. Hooktail (Hooktail Castle)
  103. Gloomtail (Palace of Shadow)
  104. Bonetail (Pit of 100 Trials)
  105. Rawk Hawk (Glitz Pit)
  106. Macho Grubba (Glitz Pit)
  107. Doopliss (Creepy Steeple)
  108. Doopliss (Palace of Shadow, two separate entries again)
  109. Cortez (Pirate’s Grotto)
  110. Smorg (Excess Express)
  111. X-Naut (Various Locations)
  112. X-Nauts (Keelhaul Key, these are the ones in the Crump battle)
  113. X-Naut PhD (X-Naut Fortress)
  114. Elite X-Naut (X-Naut Fortress)
  115. Yux (The Great Tree)
  116. Mini-Yux (The Great Tree)
  117. Z-Yux (The Moon)
  118. Mini-Z-Yux (The Moon)
  119. X-Yux (X-Naut Fortress)
  120. Mini-X-Yux (X-Naut Fortress)
  121. Grodus X (Palace of Shadow)
  122. Magnus (The Great Tree)
  123. Magnus 2.0 (X-Naut Fortress)
  124. Lord Crump (Keelhaul Key)
  125. Grodus (Palace of Shadow)
  126. Beldam (Boggly Woods)
  127. Beldam (Palace of Shadow, two separate entries)
  128. Marilyn (Boggly Woods)
  129. Marilyn (Palace of Shadow, two separate entries)
  130. Vivian (Boggly Woods)
  131. Shadow Queen (Peach) (Palace of Shadow)
  132. Shadow Queen (Palace of Shadow)
  133. Prince Mush (Glitz Pit)
  134. Whacka (Pit of 100 Trials)

Do note that the Tattle Log for the Switch remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a bit different from the one on GameCube, which is missing a fair number of entries in comparison. If you checked out this guide because you were missing an entry or two, which ones did you still need? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is available now for Switch. You can check out the official site here.

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