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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival details – different modes and more

Posted on October 20, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Some members of the press recently went hands-on with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. New details have since come in about three of the different modes, along with some other information.

Here’s the latest:


– Different modes: Board Game, Desert Island Escape, Quiz Show
– Apparently some other things to do as well
– Might be 7-8 modes in total based on the different icons
– Some modes only work with cards, others only work with figures
– As you earn Happy Points, spend those to build up each attraction
– Add things to each attraction individually
– Ex: build new things for the Board Game mode by spending points
– This appears to affect gameplay and is more than just looks
– Individual amiibo can level up

Board Game

– 12 different boards
– Different board for each month of the year
– Choose the board youself
– Board months have a different theme (ex: snow in December)
– Each turn is 1 day of the month
– 30 turns in total (for the month)
– Day/night cycle will happen at the end of each turn
– Get the most Happy Points
– Do so by landing on certain spaces, sell turnips to get bells which you can exchange for Happy Points at the end of the game
– There aren’t really mini-games on the board
– Everything you land on can be like a mini-event where your character will take place in something at the town
– There are different directions you can go on the boards
– Buy turnips from Joan
– Each day, the turnip resell prices change
– Depending on when you buy/sell, you can get more bells for the turnips you buy
– Use the GamePad when buying turnips

Desert Island

– Brand new mode
– Uses the amiibo cards
– Play as a team of 3
– On a deserted island
– Each character has a different skill
– Ex: one character can find materials more easily than others, but isn’t good at making tools
– Choose which way you want to go on the island by moving to different hexagon spots
– Move up to 4 spaces per day
– Depending on where you go, you can forge for tools for materials
– At the end of each day, can choose to cook with ingrediants you gathered or make tools instead so you can go fishing the next day
– Ultimately need to gather tools to make a raft and get off the island
– Cat characters don’t need a fishing rod to fish
– If you’re in a pitfal, there’s a spinner that stops randomly on your face or the pit fal to get out

Quiz Show

– Just an Animal Crossing quiz show
– Up to 4 players
– Uses amiibo cards
– Tap your card to decide your character
– The mode is tough and is essentially for diehard fans
– When you want to answer, tap your amiibo card when the spotlight is on your character
– If you scan your card when the spotlight is on of your rivals, they answer instead
– You have to scan at the beginning of your turn


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