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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update out now (version 3.1.0)

Posted on February 11, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

A new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available. Version 3.1.0 update has started distributing, featuring a second floor in the cabin, the ability to eat multiple fortune cookies at once, feature improvements, and more.

Here are the full patch notes:


– The cabin now has a second floor
– You can now eat fortune cookies in batches
– Cookie & Depot Plan: You can now freely change the names of warehouses
– Furthermore, items in your warehouses will be included in the display showing the number of items you own
– Happy Helper Plan: Your camp caretaker will help you out even more; if you rent the golden rod during the Fishing Tourney, the amount of tourney fish your camp caretaker catches will be doubled

Other Updates

– Animals you can invite to your campsite will be displayed near the top of the list in your Contacts
– The wording of requirements to view some Scrapbook memories has been altered slightly
– Checking the details screen of a Scrapbook memory will now cause the badge notification for that memory to disappear, even if you don’t actually view the memory
– You can now check the Helper Log from inside Shovelstrike Quarry
Note: The Helper Log will reset every day at 6:00 a.m
– You can now see how many items you have while trading in the garden area
– The following item categories have been changed: snowy camellia hedge
– Some item names have been changed
– Other display adjustments

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