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Ary and the Secret of Seasons update out now

Posted on October 22, 2020 by in News, Switch

A new update is now available for Ary and the Secret of Seasons. This patches in a few Quality of Life changes as well as bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Added support for inverting X axis
  • New tutorial for using the Summer Season added to the Muscari boss fight
  • Added additional save slots and save backup slot
  • Added ability to disable specific side quests from displaying
  • Landmarks now turn grey on the map after discovery
  • Fixed Ary becoming invisible after death and cutscenes
  • Fixed softlock after receiving quest ‘We Need a Hero’ in the Dome of Seasons
  • Fixed softlock during the Winter Temple boss fight where the player would spawn too far away from the boss to complete the chase sequence
  • Main quest no longer resets after dying to traps during the Ostara Mines chase sequence
  • Disabled fast travel in temples to prevent softlock on reentering
  • Prevented Muscari from attacking during boss fight while alert box is open
  • Fixed softlock caused by entering the Spring Temple before completing the Autumn Temple
  • Added music to the end of the Muscari boss fight
  • Removed double jump boots and slingshot from store to fix main quest progression issues
  • Fixed water disappearing in Ostara City
  • Chest in Summer Temple now contains more than 0 coins
  • Fixed graphical glitch where grass was semi-transparent in winter
  • Fixed graphical glitch where the Lilypad hat was semi transparent in winter
  • Slingshot now disabled while climbing
  • Player can no longer change costumes while not idle
  • Some German translations fixed (thanks John!)
  • Fixed Muscari mace remaining in inventory after completing Ostara Mines
  • Fixed unequipped hat reappearing in cutscenes
  • Pull help notification no longer shows up while swimming
  • Ary no longer appears with long hair during cutscenes
  • Boss health bar no longer stays around after defeating boss
  • Allow reentry to Hyena Cache after leaving
  • Retroactive save fixes for quest progression blockers (We Need A Hero, A Royal Audience)
  • Prevent damage to player during dialogues – Fixed soft lock during final phase of the Winter Golem boss fight
  • Fixed exploit involving using the slingshot while climbing – Improved visuals for some waterfalls in Yule
  • Polished cutscene at the entrance to Ostara Castle – Fixed costume during the dance cutscene at Ostara Castle.
  • Updated Slingshot mesh.
  • Herbalist quest in Yule is now completable even if you die and reload during it.
  • Wig quest in Yule now completeable when dying during quest
  • Long hair is now an equipable hat.
  • Enemies drop coins when they die.
  • Duplicate resolutions are no longer displayed in settings
  • Coins in chests and shop prices rebalanced
  • Adjusted colliders in the Hyena Cache and Ostara City
  • Improved platforming section in the wooden tower in Yule by adding a fixed camera
  • Fixed issue with costume changing at beginning of game
  • Lammastide quest for retrieving firewood now works correctly if you die
  • Added teleporters to boss key rooms
  • Fixed misc issues with translations, including system language handling and incorrectly translated strings
  • Fix Backtrack softlock inside the Autumn temple.
  • Fix Slide deadlock in Ostara region.
  • Fix Iris in the autumn temple not opening when backtracking.
  • Remove monolith inside Lammastid city.
  • Add one extra chest.
  • Fix camera zoom while changing costumes.
  • Fix AI getting stuck after a while.
  • Fixed issue with audio after playing the Winter Golem fight
  • Update credits.


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