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Atelier Lulua details and screenshots – sub-characters, battle system

Posted on January 10, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

After the latest coverage in Famitsu this week, Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland has received a new batch of details and screenshots. Today’s update covers sub-characters Cole Dueller, Lisa von Beilschmidt, Refle von Beilschmidt, Jeltje Jeremies, Wild Klinsmann, and Pamela Ibis, along with the battle system. We’ve rounded up everything below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Cole Dueller

– Former peddler who trained beneath a certain blacksmith.
– Owns a blacksmith shop
– With his technique learned from an Arland blacksmith and business sense as a former peddler, his shop has become quite popular
– He is a bit tight when it comes to his money, but is willing to take a loss if it is to help others.
– Knows Rorona from long ago

Lisa von Beilschmidt

– Gluttonous queen and bar employee
– The showgirl for the “Golden Broadax Tavern” in Arculis
– Neat, clean, kind, and beautiful
– Doesn’t look suited to work at a bar
– Unlike her appearance suggests, she eats like a pig and could scarf down all the food at the bar if she put her mind to it
– Loves eating
– Commonly referred to as “Angel’s Smile”

Refle von Beilschmidt

– A girl who loves jewels
– Shopkeeper at the jewelry store “Silver Chisel” in Arculis
– Lisa’s younger sister
– Has loved and collected pretty things like jewels and shells since she was little
– Her knowledge on the subject is no less than that of a researcher
– Shy and does not show much active emotion, but loves her older sister Lisa

Jeltje Jeremies

– Fanatic for famous adventurers
– A girl who calls herself the “Adventurer Maniac”
– Her purpose in life is to travel the world to get autographs from “amazing adventurers”
– Cheerful and lively
– She is the type to be herself without worrying about the minor things
– When she comes face-to-face with one of the “amazing adventurers,” she tenses up and gets quiet

Wild Klinsmann

– Arland’s young chef
– The owner of a restaurant in Arland
– Pays particular attention to his hair style and clothes, but always wears his apron as a symbol of his chef pride
– Originally a delinquent, but changed his ways after eating the soulful cuisine of a certain chef, and decided to follow the path of the chef

Pamela Ibis

– Owns “Pamela’s Shop” in Arls
– Warm and fluffy
– Her shop has become one of the tourist attractions of Arls
– Seems to know Rorona from long ago

Battle System

– Based on the “Collaboration Battles” of Atelier Lydie & Suelle
– Goes deeper with the implementation of new elements like “Interrupt” and “Primal Arts”

Battle Members and Formation

– Up to five party members can participate in battle
– Three characters in the front
– Two characters in the back
– The characters in the front can directly attack monsters
– Depending on the actions taken by the front, the back can return fire with assist skills
– Characters in the back can gradually recover HP and MP
– Familiar and powerful special moves return
– By trying to activate assist skills, you can continuously deal big damage in one go

Utilize Skills

– Characters have many unique skills
– The use of skills can decipher the pages of the Alchemy Riddle book
– Eva’s “Range Shift” skill comes changes the attack range her skills

New Element #1: More Strategic Battles with “Interrupt”

– This is a command that can only be used by alchemists
– Build up the gauge on the lower-right of the screen to “Interrupt” the battle
– This lets you use an equipped item at any time, regardless of whether it is your turn
– If your teammate is in a pinch, “Interrupt” to cut in and heal them before your turn
– When used normally, the amount of times an item can be used decreases, and disappears once it has all been used
– However, when equipped as an Interrupt item, the amount of times the item can be used never decreases, allowing you to use items as many times as you want without worrying
– Make heavy use of synthesized items particular about quality and efficiency
– Only one Interrupt item can be equipped per alchemist
– Special effects called “Interrupt Skills” differ depending on the alchemist and can be activated when using Interrupt
– Various additional effects, such as “adding light knock-back when used on an enemy in the break state”

New Element #2: “Primal Arts” are the Key to Deepening Your Bonds

– “Primal Arts”: special formation effects activated based on the combination of characters in the front
– There are various effects, including powering-up items and reducing damage received
– Primal Arts can be used to your benefit in battle

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