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Atelier Lydie & Suelle details – more characters, gameplay systems

Posted on October 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting had more coverage in this week’s Japanese magazines. Both Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation provided the latest details. Information about several characters and gameplay systems were shared.

RPG Site went ahead with a translation of the different articles. We’ve rounded up the information below.

Mireille Felie Adalett (voiced by Yoko Hikasa)

– 25 years old
– Receptionist girl of Merveille Castle
– Her true identity is actually the first princess of the Adalett kingdom
– Mathias’ elder sister
– Despite her status as a princess, she is a talented girl who can do anything from daily chores to managing Atelier Ranks

Grace (voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita)

– Grace is a sister working in the Vigne Church
– Has young looks, but is actually 55 years old
– She seems to be holding a regret towards an incident that happened in the past

Onett Marlen (voiced by Hana Takeda)

– The late mother of Lydie & Suelle, and Roger Marlen’s wife
– She was known to have a frail body
– Passed away 3 years before the beginning of this game’s story due to an endemic disease
– As a housewife, she did things proactively, and when she was alive she could brighten the atmosphere just by being there

Follow Skills

– In this game, you will only get to give commands to the front line members
– The rear members will automatically use Follow Skills to follow their respective front member’s movements
– There are various types of Follow Skills, from offensive to healing
– The rear member will use a pre-specified Follow Skill in response to the front member’s action
– Follow Skills have requirements for the front member such as ‘Using a Skill’ or ‘Heal their HP’, so it will be important to consider the compatibility between both members

Break & Support Guard

– You can Break enemies to put them in a stun state, which gives chances for further attacks
– Other front members can also do Support Guard to protect their allies from enemy attacks
– Using these features well will increase your chances of winning boss battles

Combination Arts

– These are special finisher moves that can be launched when a certain couple of characters are paired in the party
– There is a Combination gauge that fills when the front member damages an enemy or when the rear member uses their Follow Skills
– When the gauge is full, Combination Arts can be launched
– Other than the obvious pair of Lydie & Suelle, 3 more pairs that are possible to have Combination Arts
– Suelle & Mathias – Full-Power Gun Play: Suelle with her guns and Mathias with his sword will launch incessant attacks like a dance that will deal big damage
– Lydie & Alto – Sanctuaire of the End: Both Lydie and Alto are alchemists, and they will generate a gigantic magic square that will deal big damage as well as numerous status ailments
– Sophie & Firis – Alchemy of Happiness: This Combination Art between the past two series protagonists is a supportive alchemy that has healing effects

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