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Atlus shares results of fan poll asking about favorite love interest in Catherine: Full Body

Posted on July 23, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Catherine: Full Body

Atlus has posted the results of a poll it recently held on social media for Catherine: Full Body. In both the west and Japan, fans were asked about their favorite love interest: Catherine, Katherine, or Rin.

Katherine was the top choice in the west while Catherine led the way in Japan. That being said, the results were very close the whole way around.

Here’s how things panned out:

West (20.120 votes)

1. Katherine (35.1%)
2. Rin (35%)
3. Catherine (29.8%)

Japan (4.373 votes)

1. Catherine (34.9%)
2. Rin (34.5%)
3. Katherine (30.6%)


1. Rin (8,550 votes)
2. Katherine (8,400 votes)
3. Catherine (7,521 votes)

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