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Attack on Titan 2: details on Dot Pyxis, Keith Sadies, online modes, character customization, more

Posted on January 11, 2018 by (@OnePunchMaz) in News, Switch

Koei Tecmo has updated the official English website of Attack on Titan 2, elaborating on what was revealed in Famitsu magazine earlier this week. First up are some biographies for the newly revealed playable characters:

Dot Pyxis

The Commander of the Garrison Regiment. Highly trusted by Premier Zachary, he was given full authority in defending humanity’s most vital lands in the southern territories. Although he displays remarkable adaptability and the qualities of a strong leader, his open-ended thinking that at times borders on the extreme earned him a reputation as a “natural eccentric”. This reputation is further complemented by his unrivaled love for a drink. It is well-known that he carries his flask everywhere, even while delivering commands on the front lines.

Keith Sadies

An instructor in the Cadet Corps who unsparingly trained the 104th Cadet Corps. He has a keen eye for talent and is able to accurately analyze the abilities of all who pass through the Cadet Corps.

Kitz Woermann

A Captain of the Garrison Regiment who was assigned to the Trost District. Although he is generally a dedicated soldier, his timidy and nervousness leads him to declare Eren a threat after his ability to transform into a Titan was discovered. He attempts to have Eren killed due to his ability but was soon stopped by Pyxis.

Dhalis Zachary

The Premier who holds supreme command over all three regiments: the Military Police, the Garrison, and the Scout Regiments. When Eren was brought in front of a special military tribunal for his ability to transform into a Titan, Zachary gave audience to the opinions of each regiment before passing the final judgement that would decide Eren’s fate- ultimately assigning him in the Scout Regiment.

Head past the break for information on the game’s online modes and character customization:

Team Battle of Up to Four-versus-Four in Annihilation Mode!

The newly introduced competitive game type, Annihilation Mode, sees two teams of four Scouts compete to earn the highest score within a set time limit. Defeating the devastating Titans is one of the most important ways to earn these points, and working together is key to annihilating these foes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chain Bonus

Tackling foes as a unit will earn the team a Chain Bonus, where higher scores will be offered through destroying each Titan body part before eliminating them. Team members can be identified by a blue line connecting them.

Earn 2x Points

As a match draws to a climactic close, the stakes rise as in the last minute any points earnt are doubled. Within this time, it is of upmost priority for players to work closely and earn as many points as possible to come out in the lead!

Communicate through Gestures and Messages

Interact with other players in the online lobby before battle. Familiar gestures, including the ‘dedicating your hearts’ gesture, and famous lines from the anime and manga are available.

Enjoy Co-op with Players Worldwide!

Online functionality isn’t only limited to competitive play. Players can take on missions co-operatively in Story Mode and Scout Missions with friends or other players around the world. Gathering a team of close allies during these modes allows players to experience the gripping events of A.O.T. 2’s narrative together, or players can offer help others that are struggling against the Titan threat

Joint Development

You can develop equipment with friends with less material than when you do work on alone.

Character Customization

The character creation studio offers a multitude of customization options, including the ability to tweak Body Shape, Hairstyle, Facial Features, Clothing, and Tone of Voice.

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