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Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 receives plenty of new details

Posted on April 30, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS eShop, News

Recently, Inti Creates held an event for Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 in Japan. New details were shared here thanks to a playable demo – specifically the game’s characters, story, and gameplay.

Here’s the full rundown from Skybane:


– The stage is the Orbital Elevator which was in the prequel
– Acura mentions how it’s the 2nd time coming here
– He also mentions “Michiru”
– This might be his sister’s name
– RoRo and Nowa were shown speaking with Acura or to each other
– Nowa does bring up that the last time Acura came, he got beaten by a Psychic and had his gun stolen, so there’s no doubt it’s the same place
– Diva Project is mentioned; it seems someone’s trying to replicate that
– It’s also the stage of that boss (from the first trailer) that can control her hair
– Some of the enemies seemed to revere her as a Goddess, and she used her hair to make ramps linking the walls
– There are some platforms that are fragile and easily break apart
– RoRo tells Acura that he should do some dieting, but he dryly replies it’s faster to reduce the weight of the equipment
– He behaves dryly all across the stage and never shows surprise
– It was also shown that Acura has a Special Skill called “Strike Saw”
– The demo version doesn’t include the boss battle, so Inti Creates couldn’t show it
– This demo version had a lower difficulty because you didn’t lose Kudos even if you ran into an enemy or got attacked
– It’s possible that this game might have difficulty mode selection
– The 2 things at RoRo’s sides are actually “Speaker Pods”: they open and broadcast the songs; they do look like wings, but they actually aren’t wings
– Another stage: “Heaven Tower (Tangled).”
– Acura uses something akin to Gunvolt’s EP when doing the “Blitz Dash”, and the energy meters are on the bottom left corner of the screen, similar to his Special Skill points
– However, these are rechargable by hitting down twice, like the way GV recharges his EP


– The “claw” in the Japanese name (Azure Striker Gunvolt: Claw is the official Japanese name) is a reference to Acura’s attacks
– This is because they look like he attacks with claws
– There was a point in development where the name “Gunvolt Acura” was suggested, but was discarded
– The game might be a bit more difficult than the previous game
– The “masked man” shown last year: his design won’t appear in the sequel after all
– The design was originally going to be used for Gunvolt or an enemy, but the idea was scrapped
– There was a point where it wasn’t intended to change GV’s design
– However, the team wanted to make something that reflected the changes he underwent at the end of the first game
– RoRo’s addition to the game means that the amount of songs becomes about twice the amount of the previous game
– More songs could be added through DLC as well
– The “Reincarnation” song comes back in this sequel with some changes in lyrics, music, and gameplay


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