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Inti Creates

Inti Creates has readied a new batch of details and screenshots for Blaster Master Zero 3. Today’s update covers characters Leibniz and Kanna, SF Dungeons, and the first three areas.

Here’s the full roundup:

The Blaster Master Zero series continues on with a third entry this month. When it’s ready, it will be accompanied by Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle.

As previously mentioned, Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle includes the series’ three games and all downloadable content for the first two titles.

Inti Creates just went live with a new gameplay trailer for Blaster Master Zero 3 ahead of its release next month. Watch it below.

Blaster Master Zero 3 is due out for Switch on July 29.

Blaster Master Zero Trilogy has received a new intro video for all of its Japanese voice-over artists. This video is entirely in Japanese, but it shows off each character and gives a sample of their voice-over in the game.

Check out the full video below.

Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: Metafight Chronicle launches for Switch on July 29, 2021.


Blaster Master Zero III, releasing July 29th, has new information from Inti Creates regarding the new additions for this entry in the series. Check out the overview for characters Kane, Jennifer, and Metal Attacker (Original) below, as curated by Gematsu:

Limited Run Games has revealed plans to produce physical versions of Blaster Master Zero 3. It will be offered standalone, as a Classic Edition, and a Collector’s Edition.

Here’s what’s included in the latter two:

Inti Creates shared new information on Blaster Master Zero 3 today, which is the first update since its reveal back in March. We’ve got news on the game’s opening sequence as well as the major characters: Jason, Eve, Fred, and the new battle tank, G-SOPHIA SV.

Here’s the full roundup:

Coinciding with today’s reveal of Blaster Master Zero 3, Inti Creates today announced Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle. A release is scheduled for July 29 in Japan.

Blaster Master Zero Trilogy: MetaFight Chronicle contains Blaster Master Zero, Blaster Master Zero 2, and Blaster Master Zero 3. Additionally, the first two games come with all downloadable content, which will be voiced as a bonus.

Inti Creates announced Blaster Master Zero 3 today, and we now have the first gameplay from the New Game+ Expo. Get a look at the footage below.

Blaster Master Zero 3 is due out for Switch on July 29.

As part of New Game+ Expo, Inti Creates debuted the first direct-feed gameplay from Azure Striker Gunvolt 3. We have the full recording below.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 will launch for Switch in 2022.