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Bad North update out now (version 1.03)

Posted on September 27, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Bad North

The next update for Bad North is now available. With version 1.03, there are new balance changes, bug fixes, and user interface adjustments. 

The full patch notes are as follows:


Note: Some of these balance changes (marked with a *) will only take effect after starting a new campaign.

  • Archery skill Volley is more predicatable, powerful and can do stun damage
  • Pike skill charge has been slightly nerfed and made more consistent
  • Max enemy types per level is increased to 4*
  • Final level can contain all enemy types and has modified generation rules*
  • Reduced randomization on island difficulty*
  • Slightly reduced end-game difficulty on Normal*
  • Modified how numerous some late-game enemy types are, in particular axe-throwing and large bow-wielding enemies
  • Recruitable Commanders come with progressively more gold throughout the campaign*
  • Stun system has been tweaked and large enemies are no longer immune to stun damage (though still very resistant to it)


  • Fixed issue where foliage highlights could become extremely bright
  • Fixed issue where volleying with no archers would cause the squad to become unresponsive
  • Fixed issue where the local commander could be dismissed
  • Squads are less likely to get stuck when moving past / through each other, especially when replenishing
  • Fixed an issue where broken units could cause all their neighbours to become broken
  • Fixed dotted line curves in squad selection and upgrades screen for 4K systems
  • Modified trigger conditions for “Nightwatch” trophy so it will trigger if you win an island that partially took place during the night (previously it would only trigger if you ended the level at nighttime
  • Fixed an issue with the “Folk Hero” trophy that could prevent it from triggering.
  • Fixed issue where docking / undocking Nintendo Switch could cause commanders display to be misaligned in the map view

User Interface

  • Updated squad selection UI to make it less likely to dismiss your first commander by accident.
  • Added commander gold to the squad selection screen
  • Game Over screen shows number of Vikings Killed
  • Warhorn and Replenish will default to the closest non-burning house when playing with Gamepad


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