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Born of Bread update out now (version 1.6), patch notes

Posted on April 15, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Born of Bread update 1.6

A new version 1.6 update is here for Born of Bread.

Highlights include quick buddy swap, Hard Mode, treasure trackers on upgraded maps, and quality of life improvements. Many bug fixes are also implemented – such as a saving issue on Switch.

Born of Bread update version 1.6 patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Loaf can no longer spawn in the water after a fight.
  • Player is no longer able to stamp multiple times during level-up.
  • Resolved an issue where using “Defend” repeatedly on the last enemy would make all the chat usernames the same.
  • Fixed an issue where butterflies carried Loaf on shorter distances over water when the fourth buddy was equipped.
  • Yagi’s ability can no longer be used during the Coldstock Cottage boss fight.
  • Fixed a blocker that occurred during fights where the buddy died during the same turn as being possessed, thus preventing the combat turn from ending.
  • Added safety measures to make sure the user can’t switch buddies during fights if the current buddy is possessed.
  • Fixed the fourth buddy’s dialogue lines during the final celebration.
  • Added safety measure when having a game over to make sure the player won’t respawn as Jester.
  • Fixed an issue with the battle cards that would allow you to equip a null card.
  • Changed how the quilt hunt cutscene in the attic is triggered to avoid players missing it.
  • Changed the fallback font for special characters. Quotation marks in traditional Chinese are now correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a dialogue bubble issue during a cutscene after the Snowstorm fight in the Savers Guild.
  • Fixed a potential wrong buddy switch after the boss fight in chapter 3 and 4.
  • Disabled Loaf movement when picking up cards at the shop in Chancy Chasm.
  • Tweaked the hydraulic press collisions.
  • The weapon hidden in the Royal Castle is now inside a green chest and can’t be collected multiple times.
  • The Melon can no longer be collected multiple times by talking to Sam the crow.
  • Capped the chat speed to prevent hyperspeed.

QoL & Polish

  • You can now switch between buddies in the overworld with Q or the right bumper on a controller.
  • The unlocked maps will now display found salamanders and treasures for each level, as well as the level names.
  • The intensity of screen shake effects can now be adjusted down to 0% or up to 200% (if you actually want motion sickness, you do you).
  • In the save file selection menu, there is now a button that will go through your save files and fix potential softlocks or corrupted variables. Fixes include: 
    • Unequipping weapons and boons and making sure there are no duplicates.
    • Making sure consumables items do not exceed the bag cap.
    • Giving the buddies their correct stats and removing non-existent buddies.
    • Making sure Loaf isn’t saved as being Jester.
    • Making sure all the glossary information was added.
  • You can now skip the combat tutorial against the Funguy by skipping the prior cutscene.
  • You can now loop through pause menu pages (go from options to weapons directly and vice versa).
  • Moved professor Beryl to a more accessible part of the Outskirts. Professor Beryl and Rita appear in the Outskirts as soon as you can go back into the forest.
  • Changed the dialogue lines in the first cutscene with Klein in the Solemn Sepulture.
  • In the card glossary menu, players will now see the stacked cards they have collected.
  • Hint boards and objects have been placed in Royal Town, Righteous River and Misty Woods, with new lines in all available languages.
  • Added sound cues and cameras to the Treasure Rooms objectives.
  • Tweaked the spawn physics of clovers in dirt mound actors.
  • Added text to the description that appears when picking up boons.
  • Minor changes to some lines of text in various places.

Sidequest Fixes

  • Fixed “Can-can… Can” trash pile spawning issue.
  • The player now needs to complete the quest “A Taste of Inspiration” before starting “Sweet Success”.
  • Made the dialogue volume in the campsite in Misty Woods easier to spot.
  • Doing the Crystal Mines race before entering Royal Town for the first time after chapter 2 will cancel the race and play the mandatory cutscene.
  • Fixed a navigation issue when trying to enter the Shivery Caves with Cecile.

Level Fixes

  • Fixed how the fourth buddy’s ability sequences were skippable in multiple levels.
  • Added blocking volumes in the Farmlands to prevent a skip.
  • Added blocking volumes to prevent Loaf from getting on the roof of the bakery.
  • Fixed a platform in the Biofoundry to allow the player to backtrack if entering the level after defeating the mini-boss.
  • Added a blocking volume in the Forgotten Vault to prevent the player from going out of bound and get softlocked.
  • Fixed an out of bounds in the Hidden Springs.
  • Adjusted one of the fourth buddy’s ability that was hard to hit in Crow’s Nest.


  • Ember melee damage raised from 3 to 4.
  • Slightly lowered chances of consumables dropping from whackables.
  • Lowered chances of consumables dropping from defeated enemies.
  • Weakness damage is now x1.5 instead of x2.
  • Adjusted the number of enemies in battles, especially in chapter 4.
  • Switched the resistance of the potbelly flare with Amelie doll’s resistance.
  • New hard mode available when creating a save file:
    • Less frames to block and faster animations.
    • Enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses have more HP.
    • Enemies deal more damage and have more defense.
    • There are more enemies per fight.

The Born of Bread version 1.6 update is now available on Switch.


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