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Bunny Park and Lemon Cake get final September 30 release date

Posted on July 28, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Bunny Park and Lemon Cake release date

Publisher SOEDESCO and developer Cozy Bee Games have set final release dates for Bunny Park and Lemon Cake. On Switch, both titles are planned for September 30.

Bunny Park and Lemon Cake were both confirmed for Nintendo’s console last month. While they were slated for September, a specific date wasn’t provided until today.

Here’s some information about both titles:

Bunny Park

Choose from a range of different decorations and toys to create a charming park! Expand your park and increase its rating to attract new bunnies. Be sure to pet your bunnies to keep them happy, but don’t wake them up! Bring all the bunnies home, each with their own pattern and personality. 

Key Features

  • Build and decorate your own nature park 
  • Care for your bunnies with snacks and pets 
  • Create a popular, cozy and cute park 
  • Complete your bunny collection 

Lemon Cake

While the bakery might initially be broken down, overgrown and even haunted, don’t worry! You’ll be able to repair, furnish and decorate every room in the bakery. Gather honey from your beehive, raise a cow to collect fresh milk and adopt a few chickens to add eggs to your recipes. You’ll also be able to grow trees and plants to harvest a variety of fruits.

Mix ingredients together to prepare all kinds of recipes, including baked pastries, candies and frozen desserts! Be sure to serve your customers quickly and keep your window display well stocked so you don’t miss out on any order! Serve coffee to impatient customers to keep them around the bakery a bit longer and build an adorable cat cafe to make everyone’s day brighter!

Key Features

  • Restore an abandoned bakery with the help of a friendly ghost, grow ingredients and take care of your animals in the greenhouse 
  • Learn new recipes and bake pastries in the kitchen 
  • Select your daily menu and serve coffee & sweets to your customers 
  • Manage your schedule and get ready for the lunch rush 

Bunny Park and Lemon Cake will be sold both physically and digitally on Switch.


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