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Bunny Park

Bunny Park gameplay

With Bunny Park having just made it to Switch recently, we have new gameplay. A few minutes of footage is now available.

Learn more about Bunny Park in the following overview:

Bunny Park trailer

A new launch trailer has gone live for Bunny Park. The game, which has players building their own nature park and caring for bunnies, just made it to Switch.

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Bunny Park and Lemon Cake release date

Publisher SOEDESCO and developer Cozy Bee Games have set final release dates for Bunny Park and Lemon Cake. On Switch, both titles are planned for September 30.

Bunny Park and Lemon Cake were both confirmed for Nintendo’s console last month. While they were slated for September, a specific date wasn’t provided until today.

Bunny Park

Publisher SOEDESCO, along with developer Cozy Bee Games, are teaming up to bring Bunny Park to Switch. The sim title is due out on the console sometime in September.

Here’s an overview of the title with more information:

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