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Capcom details new Style Switching system for Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Switch

Posted on January 15, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Capcom has previously teased some special elements from the Switch version of Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition. One of these features we heard about recently is Style Switching, which was spotted on the official website. Further details have now emerged in an official blog post.

Here’s the full rundown from Capcom:

As you may know already, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 20… and you may also have heard from producer Matt Walker that we’re packing a couple of little extra “somethings” in this version of the game. Now’s time to start unveiling these new features and see how they’ll change the way you play this masterpiece action game!

Introducing new feature #1: Style Switching!

Devil May Cry 3 was the first in the series to introduce the Style System, allowing you to pick between 6 different styles (4 to start, and 2 unlocked later) at the start of each Mission or at a Divinity Statue. The Style System was kicked into high gear in Devil May Cry 4, which introduced dynamic Style Switching during combat with a click of each of the d-pad buttons. Since we know DMC3 Special Edition holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, we set out to make it even extra SSSpecial this time around, and borrowed that new trick from DMC4.

Style Switching in DMC3 Special Edition (Nintendo Switch) will work just like you’d expect. Press UP for Trickster, DOWN for Royal Guard, LEFT for Gunslinger and RIGHT for Swordmaster. For the special styles unlocked later in the game, it’ll require a quick double-tap of specific buttons. For Doppelganger, double-tap LEFT, and for Quicksilver, double-tap RIGHT.

Leveling up the main 4 styles is also akin to the original DMC3 release, but with the added advantage that you can work on leveling up multiple styles almost simultaneously!

View some screenshots from Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and the Style Switching feature below.


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