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Cozy Grove update out now (version 3.0.0), patch notes

Posted on October 8, 2021 by in News, Switch eShop

Cozy Grove has just received a new update, version 3.0.0, that adds new content including a Halloween event. Here are a full list of changes to the game, along with a trailer:


  • You can now go inside your tent and decorate the interior. Upgrade your tent with Flamey for more rooms, and decorate them to your heart’s content. There should be a small housewarming gift waiting for you within.
  • Cats! Lure them into your tent with the mysterious Cat Beckoner. Experiment and see which cats you can attract and share your recipes with others.
  • New Halloween event, coming to Cozy Grove from 20 October till 1 November. Who knows what spookiness might descend on the island… Don’t miss it!
  • Accordion! Use it to harvest many plants simultaneously.
  • Photography minigame! Join Arjun in his favorite activity to capture the magic of the island and your decorative scenes.
  • Bunnies will now be available to join your outdoor birds and deer.
  • New background music.
  • Improved stone skipping activity.
  • New clothing options, including some Halloween-exclusive outfits.
  • Lots of new decorations for the new tent interior and outside.
  • Improved decoration placement and movement.
  • Added 20 slots to clothing closet.
  • Many other minor bugfixes and improvements.

This update arrived yesterday for North American players, and should arrive sometime today for those in Europe and Japan.


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